Friday, July 23, 2010

St Galileo

EoR has always been fascinated by the preoccupation with Saintly relics. Now he can make a pilgrimage to Florence and join in the celebrations, as he worships the three fingers and molar of Galileo.

“He’s a secular saint, and relics are an important symbol of his fight for freedom of thought,” said Paolo Galluzzi, the director of the Galileo Museum, which put the tooth, thumb and index finger on view last month, uniting them with another of the scientist’s digits already in its collection.

'Secular saint' is a new one on EoR, and he's not really sure what that means. Though it's probably no sillier than the 21 foreskins of Jesus (presumably some sort of circumcisory equivalent of the miracle of the loaves and fishes). Thankfully, all dissension has now ended since the Holy Prepuce has ascended into Heaven and became the rings of Saturn.

So what would Galileo be the patron saint of? Deluded self taught scientists with theories that will overturn the scientific establishment if only they would listen?

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