Monday, July 19, 2010

Cure Diabetes By Spending Your Money Now!

In a week which has seen Big Pharma chastised for not revealing all the results relating to Avandia, it's good to see that Big Altie seems to follow exactly the same game plan.

I don’t know how many trials they have today, but from a company that has 20 hidden trials in which to hunt for an isolated positive result in one subscale from one variable, this does not feel like compelling evidence.

So, up to 80% of claims made about various nutritional supplements are unfounded.

As a high-level researcher, constantly seeking out the latest information, and presenting this is a fully informed scientific manner (though never as a 'medical' doctor, of course) EoR expects that Dr Peter Dingle will very quickly amend many of his claims that promote these sort of supplements and foods, as well as his listing of books for sale (you will note that there is no medical advice there, only the sort of information you'd suspect an environmental toxicologist was qualified to give, hence titles such as "6 Week Healthy Eating Planner", "The DEAL for Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids", or even "The Science of Achieving Goals").

Another book listed there is "There is a Cure for Diabetes" by Gabriel Cousens, MD (which, of course, is not medical advice from Dr Dingle since he's not making this claim, only selling the book). Yes, there is a cure for diabetes! Lying GPs will try and convince you otherwise, but don't trust them. Because you know they're all in the pay of Big Pharma.

Conventional medicine remains utterly ignorant of the healing power of raw living foods, preferring instead to rely on patented chemical medications that simply don't work to heal anyone or anything. No person suffering from diabetes has ever been cured of diabetes through pharmaceutical medications. It has never happened in the history of medicine. And yet type-2 diabetes can be cured at a rate of 90% - 95% with a raw living foods diet.

A 90% cure rate! From juicing and 'non-dead' foods alone! EoR is deeply, deeply impressed. Where are the studies supporting this claim? You'll never see them. Big Pharma must be suppressing them, as Lifestyle4Health clearly shows (EoR thinks he's got the conspiracy chain correct here): World Diabetes Day is international (this is not a sign of success, but of Evil Illuminati Control) and its theme is 'education and prevention'; since there's no mention of 'cure or reversal' this is not a sign these things don't exist, but that they're being suppressed; pharmaceutical commpanies provide 'educational grants' to support World Diabetes Day; pharmaceutical companies sell diabetes drugs... Yes: pharmaceutical companies want to make as many of you sick as possible! By funding an organisation with the aim of preventing diabetes. EoR sometimes finds it hard to get his head around the altie conspiratorial mindset. Maybe his tinfoil hat is not set correctly.

A thought strikes EoR: since pharmaceutical companies are only doing this to maximise profits by hiding the cure they have for diabetes, a clever Big Pharma company could release that cure, take all the profits away from the other companies, and laugh and sing all the way to the Illuminati Controlled Bank.

There is a Cure for Diabetes is an Amazon bestseller even though it garners a number of one star reviews, and one that wanted to give it zero stars:

When phrases as ludicrous as "reset the DNA through green juice fasting" appear in the official summary of a book, you know you're in for a fast-talking ride with a quack. Your DNA (remember, the foundational molecules of genetic expression resident in nearly every cell of your body?) does not get "reset" by anything you eat.

Assuming that his approach could possibly be a cure (which would contradict verified principles of diabetic pathology and physiology), it would be great to see Cousens submit an actual clinical study for peer review. Unfortunately, such careful, impartial research isn't quite as profitable as writing a best-seller. Why make sure what you're promoting is true when you can rake in the cash?

Zero stars.

Dr Dingle (not a medical doctor, remember) nonetheless obviously sees some hidden merit in this inestimable tome, as do his customers since the book has sold out.


  1. Now that's interesting: Dr Dingle, linked to yet another homeopath (even though he states he knows nothing about homeopathy, he seems quite happy to promote the works of a homeopath). But not just any homeopath, another homeopath who had a person die under his care.


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