Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bolt Exposes Scientists

An average Australia free thinker
Andrew Bolt seems to be a little slow off the mark in pointing out that the various reviews that have examined the Climategate accusations and found them wanting of all veracity (other than a criticism regarding the handling of FOI requests) is obviously proof, not of critical examination of evidence and measured judgment, but of clear and obvious manipulation by the secretive cabal of communist world government climate scientists who only want to destroy the world, tax you to death and rape all your children! Bwahahaha!

According to the tinfoil hatted Bolt, Climategate was ignored by local media. Presumably, this shows how out of touch Bolt is with Australian media.

In Bolt's Bunker Against Green Insanity, Climategate was "a gamechanger", "a turning point", evidence of cheating and manipulation, and "a furore".

In the real world, Climategate shows how flimsy are the arguments the deniers repeat over and over, and how desperate they are to grasp on to any distorted claim to further their agenda.

Official Members of the Global Warming Conspiracy (does not include all those other organisations and individuals tasked with faking all the other evidence for Global Warming):
University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit
Dr Phil Jones
Lord Oxburgh
The Royal Society
Dr Michael Mann
Pennsylvania State University
Robyn Williams
National Science Foundation
The Australian Media

And, of course, no reference to Bolt can go by without at least one well-reasoned comment from his followers. The Thought of the Day Award this time goes to liarsofthecentury:

The moral of he story is don’t go lying and scamming people and pretending you can change the weather with taxes when in fact it is designed to destroy industry and take us back to mid evil times ,just like it says in the secret Iron mountain report that was released and the eu agenda 21 ,its all there and its a plan hatched long ago in the 50s ,once people invaded countries with arms now its by radicals and stealth ,lies and draconian laws, like those 250.000 that Wrong Wong is hiding, expose those and they are history ,why do you think they wont let anyone see them ,the real question is who are they working for?

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  1. Can I be an official member of the Global Warming Conspiracy?

    I'm not a researcher or anything, but I want to get on this list really badly.


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