Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bolt's Experts

Andrew Bolt continues to demonstrate his lack of understanding of scientific method, and relies on his wonderful,non-partisan, highly educated and independent readers to demolish the empty scam that is Science.

Kenskingdom ('retired school principal') doesn't like those dodgy Bureau of Meteorology graphs. They must be suspect because, as we all know, the BOM (and CSIRO, and the ABC, and Professor Stanley, and the University of Western Australia, etc etc) are all corrupt, lying, mendacious, cheating, alarmist bastards! So Kenskingdom prefers to graph the unadjusted data and what does he find? A warming trend, just not as steep as the one from the BOM data. Conspiracy exposed! Climate warming demolished!

EoR wonders why, if there really was a conspiracy, the conspirators would put out data that doesn't quite fit so nicely with their conspiratorial line, and then have to make adjustments to it which any retired school principal can so easily take and prove the lie? Wouldn't it have made more sense just to publish the faked data straight up? These dumb scientists. Not only have they got climate change wrong, they can't even fake a simple little global conspiracy! There's no hope for them.

Bolt's methods (and EoR uses that term very loosely in this context) are also obvious from his double standards in cherry picking data:

Weather is not climate, which is worth remembering when you hear the next screams of “global warming” on a hot day:

Sydney’s week of cold weather continues, with the city recording its coldest June morning since 1949 when temperatures dived to 4.3 degrees.

Just so that's clear: if weather is abnormally hot, that's because it's weather, stupid. If it's abnormally cold, that's because it's global climate cooling. Please amend your textbooks accordingly.

Of course, Bolt just loves it when extremely cold weather occurs, and it's a regular denialist card he's fond of playing.

Frankly, though, the kind of audience that Bolt is performing to (and it is a performance — an unintentionally satirical burlesque performance) is obvious from the supportive comments he gets. moronlieskickthemout, for example:

That is what it said in the leaked emails ,it was worse than all the data anywhere .You cannot change the climate with taxes morons and of course dumb as you are you know it ,this is a war against truth with lies idiots against sensible people ,just ask those labor backbenchers they i am surprised they even know their own name.

There's some crazy alternative universe somewhere where that actually made sense. Possibly.

While obvious of brisbane irrefutably points out:

it is time that scientist woke up to their own mortality. we can work, we can grow crops, we can have babies, we can make shelter for ourselves, but we can not make the sun or make the sun rise. we can find minerals but we can not make metal. we can store water but we can not make water. all the natural ingredients are provided by a creator. the scientist just need to grow up, like the rest of us, and stop pretending that they are the creator of the universe.

Meanwhile, the denialist travelling revival show is doing so poorly it's only made news in the Narrogin Observor.

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