Monday, November 27, 2006

A Universe Of Madness

EoR came across Magic Healing Power of Your Subconscious Mind while browsing some paranormal blogs recently (he needed cheering up, and those sort of blogs are always good for a laugh).

In another article written on this website about energy, it explains how everything is energy and that everything therefore is connected. Your subconscious power is what connects you to the 'oneness' of all things. The 'oneness' is something we are all a part of, every person who has ever lived now, before or in the future, in fact every single thing on the earth and in the entire universe is a part of this 'oneness'. This is inescapable, this is truth.

Ignoring the fact that everything isn't energy (energy and mass can be converted, they are not the same thing) and that there is not logical reason to therefore assume "everything is connected", why is it the subconscious that connects EoR to everything? By the above argument it's just as likely to be his duodenum, or the Islets of Langerhans. But the woo brigade love their subconscious connection to the universe. All very hippy.

Your subconscious knows the answer to all things. [...] There is nothing your subconscious mind cannot do.

"The answer to all things"? Does anyone really believe this claptrap? The answer to peace in the Middle East? The answer to what is the largest prime number? The answer to life, the universe and everything? And as far as the "power" of the subconscious to do everything, EoR suggests that believers in this axiom step out of a tenth floor window without any harm coming to them.

You apparently only get old and sick because you imagine you do.

Over time you imagine yourself getting older and you do and then illness starts to set in. The truly amazing thing is your subconscious made your body and all of your organs and it can heal you of any illness or problem with your health. There is an infinite intelligence within you that goes beyond your intellect and when you believe in this miracle working power you will realize anything is truly possible.

No medical science required. Not even herbs. Or homeopathy. Or even magic hand waving reiki. No. If you think yourself well and young, you will be! It's just like magic. This is Positive Thinking taken to the nth degree. And the proof that positive happy trippy thoughts work? Well, the author had a "planter" wart (EoR presumes he means a plantar wart, but it might be something agricultural workers get) which disappeared when he thought his merry thoughts. Even though the Mayo Clinic mistakenly thinks most plantar warts go away on their own.


  1. Right on man :)

    I just wrote an piece on alternative healing and would be interested in ya opinion on it.
    it's at

  2. Found your Blog through 'the google'
    Wonder why you put some much energy in debunking all sorts of stuff. You seem to care a lot! What's your problem, why some much focus on what other people think and/or do? Not that I don't agree with you. But hey fuck those stupid 'sheeple', live your life!

  3. Ever heard of "caring" annony? Woo hurts people. It doesn't matter if those people aren't me.

  4. Hi Anonymous! I hate woo because it disfigures and perverts knowledge - hard won by people of genius and patience and endurance. I've watched it become mainstream thanks to the very things (IT) it couldn't possibly create itself with its muddling of physical principles.

    It gets away with it because of Western middle-aging society, with a high disposable income, wanting pampering, psychological props and everlasting youth. Don't get me started... I'll have to devote a post or three to this one.


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