Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Second Coming

From the latest issue of hoofbeats, the equine woo humour magazine.

Monty Roberts Returns

"According to industry sources, this year's clinic was to be the next step up from the Join Up methods demonstrated in 2004 to a capacity audience. Yet, although the display was again entertaining and informative, it was mostly a repeat of the last one.

When you're on a good thing... Or, there's a sucker born every minute... Woo and natural horsemanship®™ go together like a, well, a horse and carriage. While Pat's big, Monty's definitely the poster boy in the natural horsemanship groupie world. So it was with great joy, anticipation and adulation that his Second Coming to Perth was awaited.... Only to be sold the same old same old.

Plenty of interest was generated in the sale of Monty's merchandise - the lines of buyers and those wanting autographs winding the entire width and length of the arena.

There's also a photo of Monty holding an unnamed baby. Presumably it's a bit like the Pope - maybe somebody hopes a bit of Monty's sainthood will rub off on the little infant. Or, there's a sucker born every minute...

He recently worked with RSPCA in Queensland and the Aboriginal community of Palm Island (off the coast of Townsville) to reeducate [sic] them on the treatment of their horses. A documentary showing the communities [sic] progression from ignorance and cruelty to kindness and learning is to be aired on the ABC - a DVD also being available at the clinic.

Thank heaven for the Big White Bwana who's shown those ignorant darkies a More Civilised Way. EoR is fascinated by the way these supposedly enlightened, newage types, are showing all the symptoms of the worst sort of colonialist racist attitudes that existed in the nineteenth century. It seems they urgently need their chakras realigned with a few homeopathic drops.

It may sound trite, but the teachings of Monty Roberts do give empowerment to those willing to listen - his aim being to remove violence from the lives of both horses and people. But, as he told the audience at his Perth clinic,
he needs everyone's help to do it.

Yes, it is trite. Also, anything claiming "empowerment" is automatically suspect.

Why doesn't Monty go to Iraq/Palestine/Chechnya/Sri Lanka/Aceh etc, and solve the violence problems there?

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