Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Hit. A Palpable Hit.

When EoR was being faintly sarcastic about there no longer being a difference between The Origin of Species and Harry Potter in people's minds these days, little did he know his third eye had opened and he was psychically seeing visions.

Further investigating the amazing topic of "psychic investigators" and specifically the subject of the first show, psychic Nancy Weber, he discovered this transcript.

GRACE: You know, Nancy, so many people -- have you ever read Harry Potter?

WEBER: I love Harry Potter.

GRACE: I love Harry Potter. Do you remember the teacher in Harry Potter that teaches how to cast spells and read the future? Woo, crazy. That`s what I think of when I think of a psychic. When you walked in, in a business suit, I nearly fell over.

WEBER: Well, that`s what I used to think psychics were, and that` why I was terrified of it. And I didn`t want to be part of that world. So I never labeled it.

When I worked as a young nurse, before I got into psychiatric nursing, the doctors were wonderful to me. So if I had a patient in a medical unit brought in, and they were rolled in, and the doctor`s writing orders, and the doctor writes a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, and I go, "I`m 19 years old," and I look at him, I go, "Wrong orders."

He goes, "What?" I said, "He doesn`t have congestive heart failure." Do an upper G.I. He has got a hiatal hernia. And he goes, "Really?" And I go, "Absolutely." And he goes, "OK." Orders it, comes back, and he goes, "Thanks." And he goes, "How did you know?" And I said, "You don`t see it?"

Nancy also relates her powers to The Sixth Sense, another documentary to be used in the support of spurious claims in the tradition of What the Bleep Can We Sell You.

EoR also, strangely thinks of "woo, crazy" when the subject of psychics comes up.

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  1. Ah, a medical seer, no less. So, where are all these doctors she was advising/consulting/scolding in her young nurse days? Oh, yeah, they can't come forward because the big bad establismob will get them...


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