Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gary Douglas: Your Horse Says Hes Hungry

Well, the MindBodyWallet festival had been and gone, but Gary Douglas is hanging around giving amazing demonstrations of horse whispering (remember, he's the one who promises that he will step out of this reality, communicate with horses, and "contradict all of your ideas about the way things should be"). Well, he appeared briefly on the radio yesterday, and EoR was able to gain a little more insight in to his methods of horse training.

Apparently Mr Douglas is not a horse whisperer at all, but rather just another pet psychic. He believes all language (including, of course, the "language" of animals) is translatable because "words have the same vibrations". Mr Douglas somehow tunes into the horse to "find out the vibration I need". He explained how powerful his technique is in a telling anecdote. One particular rogue horse was quietly taken aside by Mr Douglas who spent a long time "talking" to the beast, explaining that, if it persisted in its wilful ways, it would end up as dog meat. The very next day, the animal was quiet and docile.

In another case he claims to have "tapped" into a lame horse through the owner (why not just chat directly with the horse?) and discovered the lameness was not in the foot. "My knee hurts" said Mr Ed to Mr Douglas. The owner scoffed (oh, ye of little faith!) but returned a week later to humbly apologise and admit a bone chip had been found in the knee (not an uncommon occurrence in horses in heavy work).

Mr Douglas also works with "energies" to unlock rider's abilities, but also admits to "hands on techniques to take care of the places where the energy gets locked up" (and given his seminars on sex, this worries EoR a bit).

His final anecdote, while a little unclear as to what he actually did tells of the showjumper a woman trialled, and which was initially lame. Mr Douglas "made" the horse better while the lady rode him, until he was jumping magnificently. Quite apart from the ethics of riding a lame horse, this sounds like a stiff or arthritic horse (assuming any of the self-spruiking is actually true, of course).

Unlike other woos who think What the bleep do we know? is both a documentary and irrefutable proof of their beliefs, Mr Douglas chooses to use another documentary to support his particular beliefs, in this case The Matrix. He also runs a course on The Joy of Creating Money!.

Interested in knowing how to break through the barriers of receiving Money? Find out what's keeping you from receiving the flow of infinite abundnce that is yours to have.

EoR is willing to suggest that Mr Douglas has clearly broken through those barriers. Though whether anyone in the world has an "infinite abundnce" of money is questionable. He also provides a less than helpful glossary including "The Clearing Statement":

"Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds, A through F, ad infinitum"
This is the current "clearing" statement used in Access. This phrase unlocks and erases all the programs, agreements and judgments which keep you stuck throughout all of time and space.

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