Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good Voices, Bad Voices

Hearing voices is a common sign of mental illness (particularly schizophrenia). So what do you do with someone who hears voices and professes to be a "psychic"? Are they really in touch with spiritual entities, or are they insane (or, of course, liars)? Well, apparently it's easy to decide. Here's Angel-Voice-Hearing Doreen Virtue:

Kerry Stewart: So how do the angels actually talk to you?

Doreen Virtue: Well they talk to all of us, is the thing. And to me, they talk as a voice in my right ear, which is ironic, because as a former psychologist, I was taught that if you hear a voice, it's a sign of insanity. But now as psychologists are becoming more open minded, and saying that: Look, if you hear a voice that is encouraging and loving and motivational, that this is a true divine voice. But the voices that are paranoid, those would be classified as hallucinations, and the angels always speak positively and motivationally.

EoR is pleased to know that psychologists have now scientifically accepted (and presumably proven) the existence of "divine voices". Unfortunately, he missed just which scientific journal that breakthrough was published in. Just as Doreen missed mentioning any actual names of psychologists.

So: hallucinatory voices bad; divine voices good.

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  1. If you hear nice, encouraging voices, telling you you're the messiah, does that not make you mad? And all those other people, hearing voices telling them they are the messiah - does that absolve them of madness too? And what if the encouraging, loving voice is telling you to do something bad?


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