Thursday, November 30, 2006

Living Conditions In Afterlife Worse Than Third World

Here's a burning question that EoR has always wanted the answer to: do spirit guides have names?.

When I am tuned in to do a reading, I encounter a collective energy made up of the person’s higher self, spirit guides, angels, celestial beings, ascended masters, and deceased relatives.

That's a lot of dead people. Sorry - "those who have passed". EoR wonders if there's a housing crisis on the other side.

Let’s talk about names for a second. Do spirits have names? I don’t really think so. But they do have identities. And they know we like to use names to identify down here, so I think they oblige by handing us a name we can use to call upon their energy.

Of course, they're very forgetful on the other side, and often have trouble remembering their exact name. Often they can only recall a letter, and it's not always the first one they think of that's correct either. "Hi! I'm R. No, sorry, B. No, I meant there's a B in my name. Or an R. Would you believe, an S?"

So far we see that the other side is a crowded confused melange of forgetful "energies". Doesn't sound inviting, does it?

Now, a deceased relative will always present the way they looked when they lived, so that the medium can identify them to their client.

"When they lived"? What, when they died? Cancer riddled, all their systems failing, gasping for breath? That's hardly a pleasant way to spend eternity. Or is it when they were children? Or a specific age? Maybe 23 and a half? And what about missing bits (appendixes, organ donations, surgical excisions)? Do they return? More information about the magic world, please (oh, if only this woman was Sylvia Browne, we'd have all the specifics about the elves and unicorns).

EoR was also somewhat confused by the commenter who asked about gods from other traditions, such as Celtic, Roman, Greek and Eastern. It must be really crowded on the other side. And EoR presumes the theological debates could get really nasty. Or is there a Greek God Ghetto? A Celtic Corner?

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