Monday, November 20, 2006

Become An Acupuncturist. Torture Children.

Imagine this scenario: a woman sits at home, cradling her newborn infant. A strange, maniacal glow suffuses her face as she methodically pierces the infant's body with needles. The bizarre ritual continues, the mother ignoring her infant's cries of pain as she pricks the sensitive skin time after time.

Such a woman would, rightly, be locked away or treated for a delusional disorder, and her child removed from her care in its best interests. Unless, of course, she's an acupuncturist.

In the West Australian newspaper's Mind&Body supplement (14th November 2006) James Wade of the Chinawest Clinic espouses the benefits of acupuncture for children "from a few days old".

The most common conditions seen in our clinic are digestive-disorders and recurring colds with a cough and phlegm. The children have often had repeated courses of antibiotics but the conditions return.

So, acupuncture appears to be good for common self limiting conditions in children (which probably don't even need the antibiotics) and these conditions will never recur after acupuncture. No more digestive upsets. No more colds. Or at least, that's what Mr Wade seems to be implying.

Acunpuncture for babies and young children is quick and relatively painless.

Note: relatively painless. Relative to what we are not told, but EoR would imagine it's relative to not inflicting unnecessary pain on infants.

There are some tears occasionally but these quickly disappear when the child realises that it was nothing more than a mosquito bite sensation.

EoR wonders why alties hate children so much. Don't vaccinate them so some of them die. If they live, cause unnecessary pain to them (it's okay, it's not child abuse, it's therapy!).

EoR was recently talking to a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who suffered huge amounts of pain while enduring acupuncture. In her case, at least, she made the choice whether to participate in the masochistic ritual, but inflicting pain on children and infants is simply a disgusting abuse.

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