Thursday, March 09, 2006

Food and Health and Lions and Tigers! Oh My!

The internet is an anarchic wild frontier. This is its strength (and the reason why so many governments of the repressive kind seek to control it) and also its downfall.

The nature of the World Wild Web means that any interest group, or even a single person, can register any sort of domain name and stick a single page up at that domain making any kind of claim. Sometimes these are related to the domain name, sometimes not (often they're simply miss-spellings of high traffic sites). One of the former kind is The Truth About Food and Health (notice, in passing, the lack of editorial control on the net - the word 'truth' can be used whether it's true or not).

Food and Health (EoR refuses to use the erroneous word 'truth' in describing this site) modestly states its aim as
Explained here and now, the cause, prevention and cure for virtually all disease. The information the food and drug companies don't want you to know.

The first line rings warning bells about 'truth' and accuracy:
Today in North America, 1 in every 2 or 3 people will get cancer.

So, is that a 50% chance of getting cancer, or a 33% chance? That's a large difference. What sorts of cancer? With what prognosis, and what treatment available?

The author warns early on
Do not automatically believe or disbelieve anything that is written here nor anything else you ever hear or read from anybody.

EoR wonders whether he should believe that disclaimer, or not.

Passing by big pharma's conspiracy to keep us sick, and the addictive chemicals that we call food, and the strange ad-diction to typo-graphically write words such as dis-ease with a hy-phen, we are advised (or perhaps rabidly warned would be a more correct description)
Unless you were born with it, almost all disease is caused by negative attitudes, toxic substances in the body, and a lack of nutrients that the body needs.

"Almost all"? Which ones aren't? Why not? Please be specific. This is post-modernist claptrap at its best:
What we think in our heads, becomes a physical reality. [...] Every single cell in our body is working together to make the whole body. This is innate intelligence and every cell knows exactly what it needs to do to make the body work the best it can.

This stuff works:
There have been people cured of AIDS by simply changing to a vegan diet!

Names please! Referenced studies please! EoR can just as easily claim "There have been people who have been so deluded by paranoid fantasies that they've created really weird nonsensical websites!" At least he can provide a real example.
Our bodies REQUIRE sunlight in order to get vitamin D, among many other things. The sun gives the entire planet life, including us and it does NOT cause cancer. However, a vitamin D deficiency can cause cancer. As will sunscreen. It's no co-incidence that the countries that use the most sunscreen also have the highest rates of skin cancer. One of the ways sunlight is absorbed into the body is through our eyes so it's best to NOT wear sunglasses.

Speaking as someone residing in a country with one of the highest levels of skin cancer, EoR feels compelled to point out that the high use of sunscreen here is because of the skin cancer risk, not the other way around. EoR also does not recommened staring at the sun for lengthy periods of time in order to optically ingest Vitamin D Power. In fact, skin cancer rates appear to be falling (particularly among the young):
Evidence is clearly emerging that skin cancer incidence rates are beginning to plateau after decades of increase, rates of skin cancer in younger people are falling (Staples, Marks & Giles 1998; Giles & Thursfield 1996; Thursfield, Giles & Staples 1995) and the earlier detection of skin cancer is leading to better treatment and long-term survival rates (Thursfield, Giles & Staples 1995).

Having just been informed that thoughts and chemicals make us sick, now we're told that
"The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause... too much tissue acid waste in the body!" Another name for this is an acid-alkaline imbalance. Parasites, viruses, fungus, mold, and disease in general cannot survive in an alkaline environment. However, they thrive greatly in an acidic environment. When we're born, we are generally alkaline and when we die we are acidic."

MSG is Bad. Sugar is Bad. Weight loss "fads and trends" are Bad.
The REAL key to weight loss is natural foods and pure water. Drink lots of PURE water daily to help flush the toxins out of the body.

Well, yes, drinking lots of water instead of eating will probably lead to weight loss...

Glasses are Bad. Stress is Bad. Microwaves and cell phones are Positively Demonic and Evil. Meat is a Toxin. Fish is full of Mercury. Dairy products and caffeine are Bad. EoR is getting depressed. Is there no fun left in life?
If you ever get a headache, drink a bunch of water. Headaches are quite often due to dehydration.

This, however, contradicts EoR's favourite naturopath's advice that headaches are caused by neck problems. If only these alternatistas could get their acts together.
Drugs are not cures, they are dangerous and they keep the body from doing what actually needs to be done. The body knows EXACTLY what needs to be done and in what order and that should not be interfered with. Our bodies are far more intelligent than any doctor.

EoR admires the way this nutter turns reality upside down:
Okay, first let's explain what exactly energy is because our current conventional science only says energy and mass are "somehow" different forms of the same thing and that they're interchangeable.

Actually, this whole site is full of the "somehow", rather than "conventional" science:
Energy is actually the nature OF mass because atoms are continuously expanding.

Maybe that explains weight gain? Or is it just all the water?

Again, EoR wonders if these alternatistas all got their strange little 'theories' from Hallmark cards:
Love is the answer to every single problem in the World.

Then there's quantum woo healing, and more of the "somehow":
No matter which way you're healing yourself and making yourself healthier, it ALL breaks down to increasing your individual vibrational frequency. Pure organic foods have various frequencies and will increase your frequency.

Then a little more twee philosophy:
Everything is meant to be a learning process. Everything. Everything is positive, there is no negative! Learn, change, grow, evolve and then move on.

Okay, EoR takes this as a positive experience. He's learnt, and now he's moving on.

On the positive side, Food and Health gets half a point since, despite being a deranged, illogical, nonsensical paranoid diatribe, the creator at least had some idea about web design. A rare thing amongst the alternatistas.


  1. No matter which way you're healing yourself and making yourself healthier, it ALL breaks down to increasing your individual vibrational frequency. Pure organic foods have various frequencies and will increase your frequency.

    If I eat enough organic foods, will I be able to increase my frequency to that of gamma radiation.

    Bronze Dog SMASH!

  2. Yes. You will also become the Incredible Hulk.

  3. Nicely skewered, EoR!

    --Judy Wyatt


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