Monday, March 27, 2006

Automatic Writing

Tired of struggling with the Word of God™? Tired of spending hours writing those boring sermons that no one listens to? Then you need The Sermon Generator!

When EoR discovered this site full of imprecations with underlined text, bold text, coloured text, italic coloured text etc etc, he thought it was a parody.
You CAN Enrich The Spiritual Lives Of Your Hearers Forever... With The Amazing Sermon Generator [...] Let's face it. Preparing godly and anointed messages is a massive responsibility. [...] Best of all, you'll discover that your messages are full of God's authority.

So EoR took the Bible by the horns, and downloaded the software. After working through eleven main sections, and countless subsections, the program produced the following sermon for him:
Intelligent Design is a pretty spiffy idea. And true.

THe Bible tells us how life began.


Scientists faked evolution with Piltdown Man

Can anyone understand Evolution?

Genesis is a textbook, and the inerrant word of God.

Throw out evolution.

Okay, EoR didn't put a lot of information in, but he put in more than that. Ho hum. The best advice the program offered him was the following suggestion:
Scripture is vital to the relevancy and power of your sermon. Let it be your focus & ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

At least it's freeware. Or maybe Holyspiritware.

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