Friday, March 03, 2006

Alternative Thapys

Tim Dowling in a Guardian article about croupier schools has some pertinent things to say about alternative therapies.
I do wonder, though, at what point they vouchsafe the dark secret of gaming to their students. When do they mention that the casino is actually an elaborate hoax aimed at persuading people that they are having fun while their money is being taken from them? It must be similar to that moment near the end of the astrology course when the professor says, "To be honest, the stars don't really have any influence on anything, but that doesn't stop morons from ringing premium phone lines. Ker-ching!" Or the day when your homeopathy teacher shouts, "Wake up! It's all bollocks, people! Have you never heard of the placebo effect?"

He concludes, despairingly,
Perhaps it won't happen. Homeopathy remains encouragingly popular, to the extent that an internet search turns up more than 700 offers of services even when you spell it "homeothapy" by mistake. You might not like to trust your wellbeing to someone who misspells their own discipline on their own website, but a friendly homeothap is certainly worth inviting round for a few hands of poker.

Intrigued, EoR did a google search for "homeothapy" recently, coming up with 800 matches. While a small amount of these are keyword spamming to attract users who can't spell their therapy of choice (or their thapy of choice), Homeothapy seems to be a growing modality for alternatistas to revel in.

Some of these enlightening sites (just from the first couple of pages of matches) included the Headmasters Advanced Academy Training which provides courses in homeothapy and naturopothay,, Homeopathy in Solihull (which seems to want to have it both ways), a directory of non-fiction publishers (thankfully, empty of listings for homeothapy, but ready and waiting for the first textbook), the Norfolk Suffolk Medical Complimentary [sic] Services UK, a book on equine homeothapy, and a page at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ("Homeothapy no better than placebo").

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