Friday, March 31, 2006

Pranic Financial Enhancement Techniques 2

Curiously enough, just after EoR had finished his previous article on the miracle of pranic healing, he was given an issue of Options which has an article on "Mysteries of Energy Revealed". The accompanying page of advertisements describe the founder of this woo as "Scientist" GM Choa Kok Sui. EoR was intrigued and desired further illumination. Any magic proven by a "Scientist" must be true and worth investigating. Which is what EoR did.

GM Choa Kok Sui is, indeed, a scientist (at least, if his own claims are to be believed, since EoR has seen no independent verification). Well, a chemical engineer. But he's gone far beyond that and is now a "Scientist of the Soul". Whatever that is. This particular site made EoR go all woozy and want to donate heaps of money to the poor, self-sacrificing saviour of mankind:
His scientific background, as a chemical engineer, has enabled the Grand Master, to test and verify the techniques of Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga in a thorough manner over 25 years of arduous research. [...] This has impressive implications for the average person who is thus, able to bring about a physical, chemical reaction by treating the energy body and relieve a simple headache or stomach ache or heal a minor cut or burn instantly. [...] People often ask how an astute self made multi-millionaire businessman and an adept scientist can also be an enlightened Teacher and philanthropist. This is exactly what makes the Grand Master one of the most unique living spiritual teachers in the world today. He has an unassuming candour and directness, which can be overwhelming because of the powerful energy that underlies it. This does ,to some extent, veil the tender hearted side of the personality, which is inherently gentle, loving and considerate as well as lovable. He is a sincere and loyal friend and takes care of the welfare of his large number of teachers and students worldwide and his employees in the Philippines. The element of self sacrifice is quite evident in his private life. Although independently wealthy in his own right , the Grand Master dedicates his time, resources and efforts towards helping humanity at great cost to his personal life and well being. The Planet is much richer and blessed by his presence amongst us.

Actually, a more accurate statement would seem to be "GM Choa Kok Sui is much richer and blessed by his presents from us."

The article included such revelations as
Quantum scientists now agree that we are beings that continuously emit and transmit energy in the form of light. This transference of energy is easily felt - we often feel the "vibes" of someone who is angry. [...] [Choa Kok Sui] discovered through his research, that every disease has its own distinct energy pattern, and by removing this pattern of disease through specific cleansing techniques, and then projecting fresh prana to the energy body, the physical body would recover in an accelerated manner. He discovered remarkably that disease actually manifests first in the Energy Body, and once the pattern of disharmony has been there long enough, it then can manifest physically, emotionally or mentally as an ailment.

The article also led EoR to Light Streams, yet another commercial scamming of psychic woo believers. Oh, hang on, they give "Free" community clinics:
This FREE clinic is supervised by a Senior Pranic Healer. It is a community service that we are offering and flyers are available on request. Should you have a treatment, a donation of $5 is requested to meet the running costs of the venue.

So that's "free" how exactly?

But the "scientific" form of pranic healing is better than all the other woos (EoR loves this sort of alternatista turf war - it's all so anti-touchyfeely and completely against the principles of the newage movement).
Common knowledge on chakras deals with 7 major chakras. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has revealed a system with additional major chakras; some of these major chakras have remained secret over many centuries. 11 Major Chakras and 2 other minor chakras What is the big deal about these additional chakras you may ask? Not having knowledge of all the chakras and their functions, is a limitation in the ability to heal.

EoR anticipates the future discovery of even more chakras, possibly also simultaneously linked to the need for the Grand Master to "enhance" his financial holdings.

Of course
Pranic Healing has been researched and validated for over 20 years by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) who also systematized and modernized it. [...] The techniques have been researched and systematized for over 20 years, and refined to such a fine degree that it can be easily learnt in a weekend, and you can start healing safely and confidently after the first day of tuition. The techniques produce consistent and repeatable results. Anyone can do it.

Twenty years of research! Countless proven miracles! Fully repeatable! Learnt in a weekend! Anyone can do it! Absolutely zero papers on Pubmed. Can you spot the logical inconsistency?

Pranic Healing: file under "one born every minute".

PS: Please turn down all that light you're emitting. EoR is trying to sleep.

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