Monday, March 13, 2006

EoR Looks for a Religion

Given the negative press about Muslim fundamentalism, there must be other religions out there with a much better attitude to the world and to other people.

Christianity, with its long history of violence, despite its professed attitude of turning other cheeks, isn't really an alternative.

Hindu fundamentalism is also well known.

What about Sikhism?
Protesters said Behzti, which depicts sex abuse and murder in a temple, portrayed the Sikh faith negatively. The theatre said the "ugly" violence had caused free speech to be curbed.

Obviously, violent protests do not portray the Sikh faith negatively.

Self created sects such as Aum Supreme Truth and Jonestown have very poor records.

Depending on your point of view, Mormonism is either a mainstream religion or a wacky pseudo-Christian cult, but it's just as violent as all the rest.

Buddhism, of course, is renowned for its non-violent beliefs. Unfortunately, reality is different.

So, would the world be a more peaceful and happier place if there had never been any religion?


  1. uh, yeah. Once you start god-bothering, screwing with other people comes pretty easy.

  2. Quakers are nice. Kind of like Morris dancers without the sticks, and without the dance too.


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