Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Jackson Pollack of Horses

EoR recently looked at the wonderful world of equine artists (that's equine artists as in art by equines, not art featuring equines). Apparently this is a growing phenomenon, as he heard a woman on the local radio being interviewed about her amazing horse who paints and plays croquet. EoR was informed that his current masterpiece was currently sitting at $1500 on eBay.

Intrigued as ever by magic and myth, he went searching and found the home page of Rumba the Wonder Horse (presumably related to Champion the Wonder Horse) complete with examples of his artistic oeuvre.

The current work is available for bidding at eBay.
This painting was was painted by equine artist - Rumba the Wonder Horse Rumba is a 7 Year Old, Bay, Quarter Horse, Gelding. Owned and Trained by Georgia Bruce. Rumba's many talents include Croquet, Quoites, Soccer and Painting. He also plays musical instruments tamborine and xylophone.

Where does he find the time for it all?

Unfortunately, it seems Georgia was stretching the truth a little (okay, she was lying) when she said the painting currently had a bid of $1500. In fact, $1500 is the ludicrously high starting bid that Georgia has set, and there have presently been zero bids made. But don't hang about, it's only a matter of time before some art critic happens by and recognises the incredible talent here.

Update: bidding has now closed, with zero bids made. Perhaps Rumba TWH should cut off an ear?

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