Friday, March 10, 2006

What We Are Up Against

EoR recently received the following leaked report about the goings-on at a local book club. The book de jour was The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson, which looks at the whole military/psychic conjunction in a less than flattering way.

EoR's correspondent reports:
Funny. They couldn't see the absurdity of a psychic military unit - after all, psychics help the police - don't they? I had to explain. Next I drove the discussion towards the consequences of newage going mainstream, but it turned out three present had recently attended an EFT workshop, "why didn't homeopathy work?" and "doctors only want to cut or give pills". They said there are more things "out there" than science can explain. I did more explaining...

Next criticism was that the names were so silly (Stubblebine) and must be fictitious and was Uri Geller a take-off of that guy who bends spoons? Again had to explain - this is real. Stubblebine was his name, this is THE Uri G. Was getting weary by then.

Next complaint - the situations were too far-fetched. The author must have made them up. I had to remind them that world news had reported the newsworthy events - the comet-suicides, the sticky foam and even the 9/11 event - crazy, as it sounds - had apparently happened. Though like the moon-landing denialists, I'm sure someone out there must doubt it.

Sadly no-one actually found it funny - at all.

Personally, EoR blames the whole sorry farrago on the lack of critical thinking skills being taught in schools these days.


  1. I've read that book. I must admit when i try to re-tell some of the events to friends or family I'm met with utter disbelief. Yet, tell them that a chunk of salt shaped like a dolphin with a light in it will cleanse the negative energy from the room, and they buy two.

    But certainly if the government had psychic-spys and super-soldiers they wouldnt tell us plebeians, would they? *puts on tin-foil hat*

  2. I'm going to listen to one of the few things that somehow builds up my confidence in humanity: the title music to the latest sequel of Civilization, for a few hours. At this rate, I fear I may not get to enjoy its benefits for long.

    ...I mean civilization, not just the video game.

  3. Children should have to pass a simple TRUE/FALSE test on the basics of science, critical thinking etc before leaving school. Expect their parents should also repeat a few years.


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