Tuesday, June 01, 2010

You are feeling sleepy... Very sleepy...

Here's an amusing piece of woo software EoR discovered today. Emanating from Mystic Softwares (home of 1001 bizarre programs, it seems) comes MB Sleeping Position Test (warning: nagware, will repeatedly connect to the net without permission).

Do you sleep in the Fetal Position? Obviously then you are tough, shy and arrogant.

If you happen to think that's an ugly old school interface, you haven't seen the horrible nag screens.

What if you snooze in the Soldier Position (on your back with your hands by your sides)? You are silent and reserved.

Those who prefer the Free Fall Position are probably best avoided, since they're all talkative, escapist and loud.

And what about those who, like a lot of people, turn during the night and adopt various positions? EoR can only assume you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.

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