Wednesday, June 23, 2010

H is for Homeopathy and Hoodwinking

EoR doesn't pretend to understand the way homeopathic associations are structured, nor their precise links to each other, but the Australian Register of Homeopaths Ltd links to, among others, the Australian Homeopathic Association, of which Madeleine Innocent is the WA President. As the Register notes:

Click Here to see links to the home pages of member associations, all of whose professional members are accredited by AROH

Therefore, EoR must presume they support Ms Innocent's assertion that homeopathy cures everything. She is, after all, accredited and a President of a topnotch reliable homeopathic association.

Yet another association (how many of these things are there? why so many?) linked to (and therefore its members are also 'accredited') is the The Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths Inc. (presumably, the other associations are for nonprofessional homeopaths). Here is the front page, just as EoR encountered it (click to enlarge):

While a Coronial Inquiry is taking place in Perth over the death of a woman who used homeopathy to attempt to cure her rectal cancer, the Australian Association of Professional(!) Homeopaths Inc. is touting a cancer cure on their front page, and not just any cancer cure, but a colon cancer cure! The front page links to an even more delusional page.

The foetus in the womb can be treated homoeopathically to minimize the likelihood of inherited diseases. (...) Always drink at least one litre of pure water a day, even though you may not be thirsty. Water is the most vital of all nutrients, which is critical for temperature regulation, kidney function, and to prevent constipation and colon cancer.

Oh, if only Penelope Dingle had drunk some water every day, things would be very different today...


  1. I wonder how they dilute the pure water?

    Oh what am I thinking? They are well versed in that art.

  2. I went searching genomic news for this amazing prenatal gene therapy, and found they have just sequenced a homeopath's genome:

  3. I think you are wrong to say they are "touting a cancer cure". While it is probably wrong, their advice to drink a litre of pure water a days is not claimed as a "a cancer cure" just as 'preventing colon cancer' which could be taken as meaning reducing the risk.

    What annoyed me about that page was the advice that you should use homeopathy for every minor illness or discomfort, to prevent notional future serious problems - it's a way of selling homeopathic treatment based on pie in the sky - more evidence of homeopathy's religion like nature.

  4. @davidp: you are quite right - that page contains some valid (non-homeopathic) information. My main concern was how it was promoted on the front page: "most powerful new cancer fighting secrets", "a natural miracle" and the implication that Big Pharma are suppressing this 'miracle'. All that implies (it doesn't state it - homeopaths are masters of the art of implication) that cancer is easy to fight, naturally, and that doctors won't tell you about this miracle method.


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