Friday, June 25, 2010

In Which EoR Refrains From Making Any Prick Jokes

It's not uncommon for people to be jailed on shonky evidence. One such questionable case has recently been highlighted in Vietnam.

There are some damning inconsistencies between witnesses and police statements, alibis have been ignored and, most tellingly of all, they couldn't have raped anyone because acupuncture proves they're all virgins!

However, it was not until Doctor Pham Thi Hong from Ha Dong General Hospital stepped in, submitting appeals to related agencies, did the procuracy review the case, VnExpress reported.

Hong, who has spent many years studying traditional medicine, especially acupuncture points and meridians, told Hanoi-based newspaper Dang yeu that her involvement with the case began in 2006 when she met Loi, who came to the hospital where she worked for a health check-up, another news website Vietnamnet reported.

Loi kept crying and telling her that he didn’t commit the crimes and that he had never even had sex with a woman. Hong checked a meridian under his earlobe, which, according to traditional medicine, can identify whether a man is a virgin or not, the news source said.

According to Hong, the meridian breaks after a man has sex, as it’s penetrated by a “flow of yin air” from his partner. Hong's check showed that Loi’s meridian was still intact.

However, as only those who study traditional medicine know about the meridian, Hong said it couldn’t act as convincing evidence.

She then researched the case and found various details to be unclear with conflicting information, Vietnamnet said.

The doctor sent hundreds of appeals to related agencies, and threatened to burn herself to claim the young men’s innocence.

Traditional medicine. So wonderful. So incredible. So.... unbelievable.

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