Friday, June 25, 2010

The True Way to Cancer Freedom

Dr Dingle has recently been the subject of much opprobrium for the death of his wife from cancer. His wife chose to use homeopathy and special nutrition to attempt to treat her cancer, and refused conventional treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

This is clearly the way to treat cancer, at least in animals, and it is clearly not breaking the law for an Australian company to be selling products claiming this.

Holistic Animal Medicines Pty Ltd state quite unequivocally:

Most types of cancers can be treated with natural medicines although the success rate can be much higher when the pet has had no, or minimal, chemotherapy or surgery prior to commencing natural therapies. This is because toxins in chemotherapy have serious side effects, surgery is both invasive and traumatic, and the routine drugs associated with cancer treatment can a seriously detrimental effect on the animal's immune function.

Strangely, they also state

This Cancer Support mix can be used in conjunction with other alternative medicines also, or with orthodox medical treatments including radio and chemo therapies.

But wouldn't that lower the powerful 'supporting' powers of the homeopathic water?

Readers will notice that while there are some weasel words on the page, such as 'cancer support', the page also clearly claims these are 'cancer treatments'. Indeed, the solution for bladder cancer, for example, boldly claims that it will reverse the growth of cancer, and bring about remission. Only $A120 (excluding GST — an advertising method the ACCC frowns upon).

If your dog has leukaemia, there's a treatment for that as well (though it's a little more expensive at $A150 — EoR presumes it's a little harder to treat).

Notice how the images of all the different treatments look exactly the same. Of course, this can't be true, since they've each individually come into contact with a molecule or two of their powerful active ingredients once, long ago and still remember the incredible healing power of their vibratory emanations. Either that, or it's all just water. Or alcohol. Anyway, we know you can easily tell homeopathic remedies apart, because they have different labels. Otherwise they're completely identical.

Promote Homeopathy: Stop This Crazy Thing!!!

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