Monday, June 14, 2010

Bible Right. Science Collapses.

On today's Radio National Breakfast James Carleton interviewed Dr Don Batten, of Creation Ministries International. Dr Don Batten, as the interviewer notes, is a PhD in Horticulture Research.

Dr Batten gives some amazing arguments why Darwin is wrong and the Bible is literally true.

"As a scientist I find that there's abundant evidence of the fact that God created things."

Evolution (and Intelligent Design) don't "add up".

"There has to be a cause outside of matter which is eternal."

This is, as Dr Batten assures us, clearly not a matter of faith but of science. Dr Batten then goes on to argue that because Jesus believed in creation we should as well. There! No faith required at all!

And anyway, there are tree trunks running through coal seams!

The only historical 'eye witness' record we have of history is the Bible, which is God's Word.

His defense of a global flood is a brilliant piece of distorted and fallacious reasoning. There are stories of a flood in many cultures. There are animals around today. Therefore there must have been some way they survived the flood (come on down, Noah!).

The reason geological science has come to a faulty conclusion is because they "don't have the right glasses on". There are two types of glasses, he tell us, the 'secular glasses' and... He gets sidetracked and doesn't actually mention what the other type are. He rejects the interviewer's suggestion that they're 'Biblical glasses." EoR suspects that they're actually rather like these:

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