Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Psychic Names Murderer

EoR's return to blogging featured psychic Chris Roubis and the solving of the disappearance of Hayley Dodd.

Mr Roubis had identified the culprit as a man, 40+, who was both Aboriginal and White, who lived in a duplex or flat, and "Hayley Dodd is buried under an oak tree near a creek".

Regardless of the fact that there appear to be no duplexes, flats or oak trees in the area (and very few people who are Aboriginal and white), this didn't deter Mr Roubis's followers, chief amongst them 'Sir Laughs-A-Lot'.

After a brief explosion of angst caused by a skeptical blog post commenting on these findings and the overall success rate of psychics in solving crimes, the search continued for a while, and the thread has now been hidden behind a password (EoR's getting an 'A' or 'M' word - I hope they change it before he manages to login...).

On June 2rd 'Kimberley' joins the discussion. Kimberley is an 'empathic reader' who apparently 'reads faces.' She presents her own psychic revelations:

Followed/watched by man on foot. Aboriginal in 40's at the time

That she identified an Aboriginal as well (though not a 'white' one) is remarkable. Clearly independent verification of the criminal. Though his age doesn't seem to agree. Was he in his forties at the time, or is he 40+ now? Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive, just vague and unhelpful.

She also does a Google Maps search, as Sir Laughs-A-Lot had previously done, and 'sees' a face in it which indicates where she believes Hayley is buried. EoR hastens to add that he is not making any of this up.

Sir Laughs-A-Lot, meanwhile, appears to have abandoned Mr Roubis's revelations, and is now taking 'a very good psychic' (Chanty) to the area to solve the mystery and who

confirmed the widely held belief by both police investigators and other private operators that Hayley was abducted near the areas shown on the Badjingarra - Moora road, in posts here using google earth pics.

It is, of course, only psychic powers that would enable someone to confirm a widely held belief.

Then, the really scary part:

The name of ONE of the 2 perpetrators is KNOWN by me, and the family, and was provided by a psychic. That doesn't mean we can provide it to police YET, because quite simply we have ZERO proof, that will stand up in a court of law. To do so would be highly irresponsible as yet, because the person has the presumed right of innocence until PROVEN guilty, and putting someone under police suspicion because of a psychic response, is NOT how our judicial system works.

Yes, someone's name has been given by a 'psychic' as a murderer. EoR isn't surprised the thread is hidden. Defamation comes to mind as a very real possibility.

EoR also notes, in passing, that the single perpetrator of the other psychics' visions is now two people. Make enough guesses, eventually something will match. Sort of. Maybe. Oh look! There's a creek over there!

Regardless of her ability to give a full name for the culprit, Chanty can only locate the body within a 20 mile radius (psychics apparently still operate under the Imperial measurement system). Sir Laughs-A-Lot notes:

However - is it necessarily fair on the psychic Chanty to have media cameras in her face while trying to do something that takes a peaceful and quiet environment to do well?

Might not better progress be made by having the psychic in the search area -with No disturbances from searchers and media, while she just does her thing - hopefully further narrowing the search area parameters such that foot searching becomes achievable / viable within a relatively small physical search area?

That's the outcome I would like and that is not possible with a full on 20 person search contingent and media with their cameras, reporters, sound technicians and helicopters all gathered around the psychic waiting for her to "perform for them on cue like some trained circus monkey. In my opinion that's just not fair on the psychic.

I would honestly like to be left to my own devices with one or two helpers (Chanty included) to conduct discreet searches of the identified area without all the hoopla of the press.

EoR wonders how long it will take two people to search a 20 mile radius area at weekends only.

The rest of the thread, up until it was hidden, discusses arrangements for organising a search, as well as various obstacles, including:

I'd like to take the psychic along with us - & being a woman she won't be "comfortable alone with 2 men" thus I was thinking to take my wife along also, who she knows already...

But she's psychic! She'd know there's no problem! Or else she would, and she'd know not to go with them!

So, someone has been marked as a killer with no evidence other than the word of a 'very good' psychic, the area has been narrowed to 1,257 square miles(!), and we're no further along than before.

There the thread rests, and it's perhaps best for everyone that it has been removed from public view.

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  1. I'm getting a j, possibly a john or jack or jim.

    But have I got this right - the psychic came up with the same information that was already known and this proves the psychic is right.

    That's impressive by any standard.

    I predict you'll write an article about climate change. Damn, I just checked, I am good.


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