Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lies, Damned Lies and Meryl Dorey

Howard Sattler again featured Meryl Dorey today. Yet again he asked her if she's anti-vaccination (he does this every time she's on his show, so why does he bother?). Yet again Ms Dorey claimed "No. We are not anti-vaccination". EoR wonders why Sattler constantly features Dorey as his go-to vaccination expert when she blatantly lies like that.

For those who appreciate fiction, here are some more of the lies she exuded...

There is no evidence that vaccination has helped eliminated polio. Polio cases in the last 30 years are linked to the polio vaccine. Outbreaks in India and Nigeria are all directly linked to the vaccine. The vaccine never affected the prevalency of the disease.

Some very rare people have problems with measles and chicken pox, but it happens more in developing countries because they have poor hygiene issues.

TB vaccination has never been part of the schedule in Australia. This is news to EoR who still has his TB vaccination scar. A caller who used to work for Public Health phoned up and also called Dorey on this lie. Meryl claimed she "really wasn't aware of that". Why would anyone believe her when she clearly doesn't even have a basic understanding of the facts and apparently makes stuff up as she goes along?

There are no independent studies of vaccines (they're all conducted by Big Pharma). There is no independent evidence they are safe.

Ms Dorey was shocked that children were being used as guinea pigs to test vaccines. This is clearly something anti-vaxxers would never do.

Gardasil "only" prevents 70% of cervical cancer cases. Clearly useless.

Vaccination is only one of the 'alternatives' so it's not vaccination or nothing. Chinese herbs, homeopathy and "very good" nutrition were suggested as being far better. Magic water!

Another caller asked about ex-Dr Wakefield. He never falsified information. He was found to be unethical because he took blood samples at a birthday party. His study was published in the Lancet and nobody has ever said that information was incorrect. He is a scapegoat. The information has never been shown to be incorrect.

Tetanus booster increases the risk of getting tetanus. Wound hygiene is better in preventing it.

Meryl has hired security guards and informed the police about "certain threats" she has received. Howard also read out a message (apparently on a piece of paper) from "someone" who said Ms Dorey should die.

It should be noted that none of the callers supported her (though one didn't make his position clear).

Vaccination Facts – A Response To Meryl Dorey And The AVN At Perth's State Library.


  1. Anyone attend this? A few critical letters appeared in the local paper, but one promoted homeopathic immunisation instead, sigh.

  2. Wow! Listened, picked-up jaw and just had to blog it too.

    Thanks (and welcome back to blogging).

  3. Podblack attended and has an intro here. I imagine more will be forthcoming.

  4. um I hate to say this but Meryl was correct australia has never had a mass BCG vaccination, the UK has.

    I got mine when I was in the defense forces in Australia due to going overseas. Small pox was given as a child and is on the opposite arm.

    I am unsure when Howard got his or when you got yours, unless there was a outbreak and you just assumed it was mass vaccination.

    Other than that


  5. sorry and meant to include this to from the people who would actually know best about BCG.


  6. @anonymous. From the page you linked to:
    In the 1950s the program was expanded to include all Australian school children except those from New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory . This policy was discontinued in the mid-1980s (1991 in the Northern Territory) in favour of a more selective approach.

    So, yes, Australia has had TB vaccination as part of the schedule and I (and I assume Howard) got mine as part of the normal school vaccination program.

    I fail to see how that supports your claim that Australia has never had a mass TB vaccination program.


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