Tuesday, June 22, 2010

H is for Homeopathy and Horror

Madeleine Innocent, WA President of the Australian Homeopathic Association, is a prolific health researcher. She has 1,100 important articles full of factual information and life-saving advice at ezinearticles. You can tell they're true because she's an 'expert'. Clearly, homeopathy is the best magic around.

It can cure broken bones. Injured in your home? Don't call an ambulance, whip out the magic water drops instead!

3. Homeopathic treatment is fast when the appropriate treatment is used. Pain, inflammation, limited movement can all improve dramatically within minutes.

4. Homeopathy does not mask or suppress the symptoms. It either works extremely well, or does nothing (when inappropriate treatment is used).

Yes! Homeopathy is so effective that it both stops pain within minutes, but doesn't mask the symptoms! It also works or it doesn't! Hint to Ms Innocent: this actally applies to anything at all ever anywhere. It can probably also think of six impossible things before breakfast!

It's also well known that homeopathy can cure eczema. It can totally heal back pain. Head injuries are another success story (a sign that the homeopathic woo fairies are working is that you may start feeling sleepy — call EoR stupid, but if he had someone with a head injury who was falling asleep, he'd be rushing them to Emergency at a real Hospital). EoR has already noted that homeopathy also cures depression, but it also cures diabetes, arthritis, and it can reverse autism:

According to the history of evidence in homeopathy, vaccinations are the main cause, if not the only cause, of autism, ADD and ADHD. Vaccinations, as well as the vast majority of medical drugs, work by depressing your immunity.

Eor's immune system must be lowered, since he's feeling depressed by now. Ms Innocent: given that 'evidence in homeopathy' is an oxymoron, there is no truth in your completely wrong and inaccurate understanding of autism and ADHD at all.

Ms Innocent's illogical thought processes are also clear when discussing why homeopathy is the best all-round health modality:

Homeopathic treatment is based on 'doing no harm', not only in its treatment, but also in the production of its medicines. Although some animals have lost their lives in the production of the medicines, almost exclusively insects, most are based on plant and mineral origins. Due to the nature of homeopathic treatment, this occurs only once. It does not need to be repeated.

Killing is acceptable, and harmless. And what about all that careless bandying about of antimatter?

With such a conflicting mindset, is it little wonder that you get one homeopath claiming that homeopathy can cure everything and that no homeopathic medicine* has ever been withdrawn for any reason, while another homeopathic organisation has withdrawn homeopathic treatment for malaria because it doesn't work.

EoR has, so far, only looked at the first page of articles listed by Ms Innocent. He doesn't have the strength to continue at this stage. Clearly, his immune system is depressed, his qi is stagnant, and he is probably surrounded by negative thoughts. Time for some drops of water — sorry, homeopathy.

*Another oxymoron, of course.


  1. Well there is that duck they killed to make a flu "remedy" that, at 200C, doesn't contain even the remotest molecule of duck.

    But here's the thing. In her cancer article she says homeopathy is energy medicine and that dead things have no energy (making them different from living things).

    So - how do you capture the energy from a dead thing in order to make a medicine to use on living things if dead things don't have energy?

    But there I go seeking some sort of consistency again.

    Reading that cancer article alongside the Dingle inquest testimony is a real eye opener.

  2. In today's West, oncologist Guy van Hazel has called for a ban on homeopathy, particularly for serious ailments.

    I can't yet find the story online.

  3. Good point Andy...live essence of sacrificial duck is a tricky business.

    I'm bemused at the back-peddling and finger-pointing going on in the coroner's court. Eerie having the Dingle diaries and letter, pointing back, as from beyond.
    It's sweet promoting homeopathy from the comfort of home, chilling to stand before the coroner.

    Ms Innocent's website and statements in The West Australian are damning. Sure strengthens the oncologist's argument to outlaw homeopathy.

    So what comes next? Criminal court?

  4. I wondered the same thing. I don't know if it's within the scope of this inquest to recommend charges, if charges need to be laid. I assume it is.

  5. Guy van Hazel was also reported on the ABC radio news last night, basically pointing out that homeopathy was a form of delusional belief, did not work, and should be outlawed. Sadly, the ABC don't seem to have it online either. I presume Big Homeo is working at quashing criticism.

  6. Yes, there was also someone on 7 News last night saying the same things. I missed it but assume now that it was most likely him. Also not online.

  7. Homeopathy is a dangerous system of medicine. It impacts drug personality into individuals with 3 cycles of action-primary, secondary and structural with several weeks of intermittent silence. High potencies work in disastrous manner. Homeopathy is a very good tool provided we do not cross the 30th potency. But alas. The whole world is practising this system very wrongly and this is reinforced by Dr the nobel prize winner from international society of homeopaths, greece.

  8. Nothing in this world is practised so badly and wrongly as homeopathy. One patient is to be given only one constitutional remedy throughout his life but doctors keep zigzaging the prescription. Do we know that if we give 200th and higher potencies to children, they will never grow up properly. Many dark facts are yet not known. Please homeopaths please do not cross the 30th potency. Complications can pass on from one generation to another.

  9. If wrong homeo is given in first place, the patient stops responding to proper homeo. This is the worst part of homeo tempting physicians to raise potency levels that would only raise the complications giving false relief in first round.

  10. Thank you anonymous. You do homeopathic satire far better than EoR ever can. EoR looks forward to a paper from the mysterious Nobel-winning Homeopath on the Epigenetics of 30C Homeopathic Remedies.

  11. I always struggle to differentiate satire from parody. Either way, it was fun.

  12. There have been umpteen experiments on animals and plants with homeopathically potentised stock.

  13. Science isn't decided by the sheer numbers of experiments, however.

  14. I agree with Mr anonymous that homeo is not safe. It should not be practised by one and all. Little learning is a dangerous thing. Those small looking pills can really work deadly if given wrong pal.

  15. Dr Kent wrote in his last stages of life that every homeo medicine is a double edged sword. It can make or break.But woes of woe--he already recommended the serial increase of potencies.


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