Monday, June 28, 2010

Somewhere in Perth...

In a homeopath's consulting rooms, a woman is having her cancer 'treated'...

Google shows 108,000 results for homeopathy cancer treatment perth (excluding as many of the Dingle links as possible).

Of course, as Michelle Hookham, President of the Australian Homeopathic Association reminds us, It is against the code of conduct for homeopaths to claim that they can cure or treat cancer.. It may be against the code of conduct, but it appears it doesn't stop them from doing it.

Clearly the Australian Homeopathic Association is just as effective in controlling its members absolute lack of standards as the treatment they promote is effective in curing or treating cancer.

World Homeopathy Week at Dr Boli's Celebrated Magazine


  1. Did you see Thursday's West? A half-page opinion piece by Gary Geelhoed "Homeopathy has nothing to offer".

    Unfortunately this is another homeopathy-related article not hosted online.

  2. Hi Andy - yes, an excellent article. A shame it isn't online.

    A cynic might say The West doesn't wish to offend its advertisers.

  3. They also didn't post the article when Dr van Hazel called for homeopathy to be banned or the one that summed up the calls for findings against, or reporting of, four (I think) of those who appeared at the inquest.

  4. Tellingly, the Victorian homeopathy 'lecture' is being performed by a religious studies lecturer. I think that says it all.


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