Wednesday, May 09, 2007

YES - The Coming Health Crisis

While some people argue that electromagnetic waves causes all sorts of illnesses, even leading to its own syndrome of "electromagnetic sensitivity", evidence is scarce. Various people claim that the source of various symptoms are the result of mobile phone towers, or wi-fi networks, but which group of workers would clearly show such an effect, if it existed?

What about electrical utility company employees?

The study included more than 28,000 workers at 99 utility companies in Denmark. [...] They used Danish medical records to track new cases of leukemia, breast cancer, or brain cancer among the utility workers over nearly 23 years, on average. Johansen's team noted whether the workers had normal, medium, or high levels of on-the-job exposure to electromagnetic fields. The researchers found "no compelling evidence" of links between cancer and the workers' exposure to electromagnetic fields. The vast majority of the workers didn't develop leukemia, brain cancer, or breast cancer during the study period. On-the-job exposure to electromagnetic fields apparently didn't affect cancer risk in the 70 men who developed leukemia, the 188 women who developed breast cancer, and the 110 men and women who developed brain cancer, the study shows. Since there were so few cases of women who developed leukemia and men who developed breast cancer, the researchers did not include them in the study analysis. "The results do not support the hypothesis of an association between occupational exposure to magnetic fields in the electric utility industry and risks for leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer," write the researchers.

As the details provided in the short report explain, linked national health records were consulted to match the employee histories with any records of the specific cancers studied. Cancer records went back to 1968, giving a total of 642,108 person-years of follow-up, with an average of 22.8 years. Still, the hypothesis remained unsupported.

Meanwhile, Gypsy Maggie Rose reveals in the local paper her Feng Shui Tip of the week:

DO use lighter colours for ceilings, to bring in more yang energy.

EoR's ceilings are a lighter colour! Could this explain the various aches and pains and nonspecific illnesses he gets, which the doctors only tell him are psychosomatic and prescribe painkillers for? Clearly, in recent years with the proliferation of alternative practitioners manipulating qi willy-nilly, and reiki healers throwing away bad aura energies without any safety standards whatsoever, we are becoming surrounded by an ever increasing field of confused and bad qi. In fact, EoR is convinced he is suffering from Yang Energy Sensitivity. YES is the answer, and we need to take steps now to ban the uncontrolled handling of such a powerful universal force by every man, woman and their dogs. Act now before it's too late.


  1. Please do your homework before making unsubstaniated statements.
    there are many dedicated, devoted knowledgeable people in this field.
    Who do not manipulate anything . They have studied for many years to attain their levels of working knowledge
    To claim the colour of ones ceiling responsible for health issues is not only irresponsible it could be dangerous. in as much as the person involved goes no further in attaining help
    Light coloured ceilings do indeed enhance Yang energies, this can assist in the business areas, and also the male/ female balance . I would suggest the person in question ask for a full hormone count... and maybe consult a chinese or indian medical practioner. Western medicine does not answer all questions,it works mostly on logic.. Other areas need to be investigated. I truely wish this soul well and that good health be restored asp.

  2. EoR is trying really hard, but your statements are, sadly, nonsensical. If celing colour doesn't affect health, but does influence "yang energies" are you saying yin and yang have nothing to do with health?

    How did you measure the increase in yang energy, by the way? Actually, first up, how did you detect yang energy - a magical concept that no one has ever been able to show exists?

    EoR certainly agrees that your ideas work on something other than logic. Hope? Fantasy? Deception? Misinterpretation?


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