Friday, May 04, 2007

The Food Nazi

Sadly, EoR missed radio nutritionist Helen Frost's appearance last week (he was too busy reading a book on the scientific evidence for alternative and complementary medicine - short answer, none - and whether it was ethical for medical practitioners to prescribe same - short answer, no), but she made up for it in the quality of her claims this week.

Drugs (not just coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco but also prescription drugs) are bad - you want to be off them. Most common
prescription drugs on the market have severe side effects - if you're taking drugs it means your body is crying out for help. But apparently not from drugs it seems.

Ms Frost was asked "why are they on the market then?" - she didn't answer, instead urging us to listen next week when the expert (Dr Sandra Cabot) will be on with all the answers. EoR can hardly wait to hear about the truths Dr Cabot has learnt from the worlds of alternative sciences.

The announcer was a bit concerned about this draconian attitude to drugs, since he is taking lipitor which his doctor put him on - and which has successfully reduced his cholesterol. Ms Frost was unrepentant, and warned him that you can also have too low cholesterol! Lower it naturally, she urged! So, lowering cholesterol is good, but only if it's done "naturally" and drug-free. If you achieve the same results with a prescription drug it's not acceptable. Altogether now: "Rule number one: NO DRUGS!"

There are also good fats, bad fats, and "evil fats". Ms Frost cited Dr Joseph Mercola as an authority on the evilness of trans fats, further establishing her nonscience altie credentials. Check out the subtle subliminal message in the photo at this page. Can you hear those voices in your head whispering, "Drugs bad. Drugs bad. Drugs baaaaaad..."?

"All of those things on the supermarket shelf have those trans fats in them". All of them? Why haven't Big Pharma and Big Super, with all their massive evil drug-fuelled conspiracy, managed to shut this woman up?

Another announcer refers to her as the "Food Nazi".

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