Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Sky Is Falling! What Government Won't Tell You!

So there was EoR, minding his own business, when a copy of The New Citizen was forced upon him, without anyone even demanding the $2 cover price from him. Apparently this journal originated from a person who was standing outside a school and forcing it on passing children.

The New Citizen is the journal of the Citizens [sic] Electoral Council, a political party that makes One Nation look all touchy feely and sensible. The headline screamed "Global Warming is a Fraud!" and, as EoR read further, his mind gradually dissolved in a pool of Lyndon LaRouche inspired (the majority of the journal consists of speeches by Mr LaRouche) conspiracy mongering and antiscience extremism (EoR is reminded of Jerry Falwell's famous answer to a reporter enquiring about his political position: "I'm to the right of wherever you are").

EoR now knows that there is no such thing as global warming; that global warming "violates the laws of the universe"; that the breakdown of the world financial system is now "inevitable"; that Queen Elizabeth II personally controls the totality of the world's banking through the Cayman Islands; and that "enviromentalism" is just the new word for "genocide":

[T]he eugenics studies of Harriman and company, and Morgan and so forth in the New York crowd, were the studies which were used by the Nazis, for their program of mass murder. Now, at the end of the war, Hitler wasn't so popular any more. People don't like to be associated with a loser. So they decided to change the name of the game. And the name of the game is called, today, "enviromentalism." The intent of enviromentalism, and the practice that was the result from it, is genocide used against masses of the human population. That's the intention. And if you look at the studies that were done in Austria, with the relevant accomplices - and in Russia, also, as well as in London - the intent was to reduce the population of the planet, selectively.

You need to understand that, somehow, Hitler, George Bush, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Nicholas of Cusa, Dick Cheney, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Al Gore, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger and Winston Churchill are all involved in this decade-spanning massive conspiracy. What EoR wants to know, is: why aren't the CEC telling us that all these people are shapeshifting reptiles? Why are they hiding this wellknown fact? Who are they really working for?

Right wing commentator Gerard Henderson found the CEC ridiculous, back in 2004:

In May and June, the Citizens Electoral Council - an Australian-based lunar-right group that has links to Lyndon LaRouche's extremist movement in the US - ran paid messages in the press. On May 18 the Herald carried an advertisement titled "Stop the Fascist Police-State Laws!". According to the council, "the Big Business-controlled Liberal Party has passed more police state powers, with Labor's help, than Hitler himself had in early 1933". Got it? John Howard and Mark Latham circa 2004 are potentially more repressive than Adolf Hitler circa 1933.

Channel 9's Sunday program also looked at the CEC in 2004:

Based in Melbourne, the party is fielding 106 candidates around the country. Its guiding principles can be found in the conspiracy-based philosophy of American Lyndon Larouche. A key LaRouche target is the British monarchy. It is seen to be responsible for much of the world’s ills, a view echoed by CEC's National Secretary Craig Isherwood and his wife Noelene, who is the party's National Chairman. Noelene Isherwood tells Sunday that the Queen "is the figurehead for a network of oligarchical powers that influence very much the shape of the drug trade and other less savoury industries that are carried out around the world." In line with the statements of their guru Lyndon LaRouche, the Isherwoods also charge that the September 11 attacks on the United States took place with the collusion of senior US officials. According to Craig Isherwood, "...this could not have been done by an al-Qaeda operation without collaboration of some sort with the highest levels of military intelligence and so forth within the United States". Lyndon LaRouche’s US organisation is often accused of anti-semitism. Whether or not that description should attach to the CEC is an open question. However, the party certainly adopts an anti-Israel position

The Sydney Morning Herald follows the money and finds a rationalising candidate who did poorly:

Asked how he went at that election, Mr Gillham said: "No good." Why? "I don't know. It doesn't add up to me. It's not right. A bit of skulduggery going on. There's got to be."

Or maybe it was just people exercising their democratic freedom of choice not to elect an apparent loony.

For those with the stomach, or who need a good laugh, or who just want to be thoroughly bemused, you can download a copy of The New Citizen online, as well as issues with headlines such as "World War III, or Mastering the Solar System?", "LaRouche Warns of Cheney Plans To Launch Iran Strike in June", and "LaRouche Exposes Cheney Plot for Nuclear War, Dictatorship".

In the last Federal election, the Citizens Electoral Council gained a mere 0.4% of the vote, which pretty much gave them zero political clout.

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