Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Does This Explain Why So Many Women Support Natural Horsemanship?

According to a poster at a horse forum, Natural Horsemanship doesn't just involve special "strings" and "sticks" and "be kind halters":

"I have yet to find a commercial trainer that recommends using a vibrator to desensitize a horse to clipping...I think I'm gonna patent that one!

I can't believe I didnt catch this before, and if I did and said something already, I'm sorry BUT Pat [Parelli] does talk about this! He said it down at the Madison clinic and my dad brings it up alllll the time."

EoR remains confused about where the vibrator is supposed to be placed. How is this "natural"? Is it some strange form of vibrational healing? And will it stop the urge so many of these NH followers have to "connect" with their horses?

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  1. I don't know if it explains why, but it seems the best reason to start.


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