Sunday, May 13, 2007

There Really Must Be One Born Every Second

This turned up in EoR's letterbox:

Slim-Spray Instant
  • No harsh diets
  • No strenuous exercises
  • No dangerous drugs or chemicals
Just instant, natural slimming in a spray.

Amazing! Instant spray-on weight loss! What will they (the scammers, that is) think of next?

It must work, there's a (probably fake, given the improbability of this product) testimonial:

Lose up to 1 kg every 8 hours! "Slim-Spray was so great for me! I've told all my girlfriends to get some pronto! So far I've lost 12 kg just last week. Now whenever I feel like trimming down a bit, maybe for a beach party or beauty pageant, I just have a couple of sprays and in no time I've lost some more weight. Now I know why everybody's getting some - it's just the best thing ever." - Tiffany Bloomberg, Hollywood

Well. If someone EoR's never heard of in Hollywood uses it for beauty pageants, then it must be real.

People who are more firmly grounded in reality would know that the idea of spray on weight loss is not only a scam, but farcial (unless, EoR presumes, the product was a fairly strong acid). Such people know you only have to think yourself thin


  1. Perhaps it's a spray-on nausea agent. One spray and you retch for eight hours?

  2. Tiffany Bloomberg! She's my favorite ingenue! Sign me up!

  3. Received a free bottle in the mail. Have not used it. Notice that it's same company, shipping from Singapore. But, marketing it as a new product. This is the 3rd slimming product/scam that I have received information on, in the mail...all coming from the same source in Singapore. They pay for advertising here in Australia. Same story, lose alot of weight without exercise or diet. Just spray or take a little miracle tablet. With a photo of a Doctor and his name and testimonials to make it sound more real. Don't fall for it!!! Seems to be a global scam that changes its appearance every few months.

  4. if you havnt used ti why judge .. use it and then tell us if you got results.

  5. @anonymous: Ha! Ha! Thanks for proving the accuracy of the post's title.


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