Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not The Secret. Really.

EoR wonders why this guy doesn't get sued by The Secret people: The Power of Thought.

In this section I will explore the power of thought and how thoughts become our reality. What I will be discussing here is revolutionary and may be hard for some people to understand right off. In fact, when I learned and figured out this incredible concept I doubted it too. But after years of putting this to the test I have definitely witnessed the truth in my own life. What follows is how to use your thoughts to manifest what you want in your life.
Thoughts Manifest Themselves. We all witnessed thoughts manifesting at one point but may not have been aware of it. So I will give you some examples and will explain them more as we go along. I will also be expanding on this topic in later sections. The key part in the whole process is that thoughts are manifested through Imagery and Emotions; not by words themselves.

This must be real, there's a flowchart for imagining your new car/girlfriend/lotto win (notice how all this newage thought-is-real woo is just a way of getting material possessions?). For example, if you want a new car, think that thought and, real soon now, you'll see that car on the street, or an advertisement for it. What happens next isn't explained. You certainly haven't actually got that new car by that stage. EoR imagines (positively, of course) that you steal the car.

EoR also wants to know what sort of stores this person has in his hometown, given this flowchart example of the thought-becomes-magic process:

"I want a girl." "You Picture Her Blonde 5'4" Blue eyed, etc." "You WANT her You also picture it like she is already there." "You go to the store and she's there!" "You believe she is for you and you take her OR Pass her by."

EoR guesses if you go down to the local store and "take" some random woman there, you'd probably attract a bit of attention. Mr Knighthawk also has trouble separating science from fiction:

Your emotions channel your energy into your image, which gets broadcast to the Universe or God, depending on your belief system. I believe in God so I chose the latter communicator. Either way this emotion channels this image till it gets sent back to us. Think of it like a Star Trek tractor beam.

Oh, Star Trek. So it's real, then? As for the magic daddy in the sky, EoR chooses to imagine Cthulhu. Cthulhu doing something unspeakably hideous and loathsome, involving gallons of foetid slime, to people who believe this sort of magical thinking. EoR is also a little concerned with another of the examples given:

You picture how your wedding will be
You picture how your wrestling match will be

What, at the same time? Well, it's a form of wrestling, though doing it during the wedding might be a little socially unacceptable. EoR is only half-joking about this strange sexual obsession that permeates this page. The theme is more explicit (pun intended) on his page about The Way of Love when he discusses how to deal with rejection:

First, go some place that no one will know who you are and one you never will go back to soon. Drive to the next town or three towns over. Second, take a deep breath and relax. Now go up to as many girls as you can see and do your best to get rejected. When the one says "No Creep" go right to the next one. It’s tough at first but also gets to be fun and you’ll find out it is actually tougher not to laugh. Do this for as many times as it takes to eliminate the pain of rejections. Do this a couple times if you need to, but once you realize that no is not that bad you won’t worry about it any longer. You first have to reach rock bottom before you go to the top, my friend. How many times did you not try simply for fear of rejection? Imagine that burden and worry gone from your mind forever! Awesome huh!

You could also harass women you don't know until the police come to arrest you, though deliberately inviting rejections like this might be good for psycho-killers in training. So, if some guy comes up to you in the street and propositions you inappropriately, don't be too upset, he's just getting in touch with his inner molester. In a positive, in touch with God way.

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