Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why Is God Japanese?

The mysterious, secret symbols used in reiki (that ancient healing therapy that was invented a hundred or so years ago) are well known to be Japanese Kanji symbols (though they can be drawn in the air more or less accurately, and the woo still works):

Usui Reiki symbols are not as mysterious as they might seem. They have actually been created from Japanese kanji which means they are simply words from the Japanese language. Their names can be found in a Japanese/English dictionary.

Or, as Joumana Medlej states:

That's what you least need to worry about. Most of the symbols that are being handed down in the Western world, some of which were published by Diane Stein for the first time, are themselves total distortions of the original symbols. Strictly speaking, they have as much to do with Reiki as a dollar-store dreamcatcher has to do with Plain Indians. The only value of a symbol resides in its efficiency as a trigger. Whether you use these, the originals, symbols you further modify yourself, symbols you make up or symbols you bring in from other traditions, you will not lose efficiency. If you forget how to draw a symbol in the middle of a working, you can still fly on intent, which is all you actually need anyway. Energy flows where your intent is. Everything else is just there to help until the day you can control your energy as naturally as you can move an arm.

Since reiki is a direct line to the energy of god

EoR wonders, therefore, why non-Japanese practitioners of reiki continue to use Kanji characters (debased or otherwise)? Why don't they just trace "heal" or "love" in the air over their intended victim? Is it because it would make them look silly? Exactly the same silliness works for Mr Emoto (according to his own claims).

More importantly, doesn't this mean god is Japanese? Otherwise reiki would be a Hebrew healing art.

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