Monday, March 19, 2007

Alternative Theraphies

Every now and then there's a new blog that just demands being added to the blogroll, such as: Homeopathy is Not a Placebo Theraphy.

Sadly, EoR couldn't really understand what it was about:

It can be concluded that,

"There is variability in physical and physiological parameters in the natural regulatory mechanisms in the universe."

"The variability in the natural regulatory mechanisms in the universe is similar at a given time."

"Individuals differ due to space or time effect."

So, that's all clear then? EoR would love to see some rigourously designed experiments proving or disproving these claims, but he feels the query "Is time a 'real' dimension?" would have to be resolved first.

EoR also isn't sure what a "theraphy" is, but apparently it's a standard treatment amongst alties: the Well Being Center for Animal Healing offers, among its services, "Alternative Theraphy". So it must be real. Eor feels that one of the main requirements in order for these alternative theraphies to work is:

We find that animals can heal remarkably fast; probably because they do not have to contend with the overriding negative influence of the educated mind.

Intelligence bad. Superstition good. Vaccinations bad. Links to good.

The practice of vaccinating our animal companions on a yearly basis started many years ago and lacks scientific validation.

Obviously, the whole site is adhering to its stated principle of avoiding education at all costs.

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  1. On his profile, he lists his profession as 'physician'.

    Seems his page is a mishmash of metaphysical concepts and a few scientific terms - horribly out of context of course. Quite a few of his assertions make little sense anyway.

    Fine quality gibberish I think.


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