Friday, March 02, 2007

Homeopathy. Faeces. Why Do Those Words Fit So Neatly Together?

Partly because of the ongoing drought in Australia, partly because of climate change in the news, and partly because there are a number of elections happening this year, water and its (non)availability is a big issue at the moment.

Many people want treated sewage used to supplement the water supply. Even though it appears popular in polls, no government has the strength of character to be the first to do this, preferring instead to push the desalination option. Western Australia already has a desalination plant, and New South Wales is now building one as well.

There is, however, a hidden and very real danger in either option, which could lead to health problems that would make the autism epidemic seem like a mild cold. We're talking Spanish Flu or Black Plague here.

Whether the water is treated sewage, or desalinated, it is progressively treated to remove various products (bodily wastes in one case, sea salt in the other). During this process the water is continuously shaken about.

This is exactly the same process by which homeopathic remedies are potentised!

If people drink water from these sources, just imagine what will inevitably happen!

Heart attacks and strokes in the one case from hugely excessive salt intakes. Dysentery in every street in Australia in the other.

This tragedy cannot be allowed to happen. EoR calls on the True Believers of Australia, and all its leading and enlightened homeopaths to speak out loudly now.

Or just admit that their woo is smoke and mirrors and shut up shop now.

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  1. Heart attacks and strokes in the one case from hugely excessive salt intakes.

    Actually, wouldn't it cure heart attacks and strokes, since salt causes those in a healthy person?

    Imagine it might cause hyponatremia or something, though.

    Don't expect me to understand homeopathic logic.


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