Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Voices In The Head Come From Horse

How do we know whether alternative therapies used on horses work? Should we run studies and trials, even, Cthulhu forbid, double-blind placebo controlled studies? Of course not. We can know simply by asking the horses themselves, as Holly Davis does.

One day Kayleigh was having her Bowen treatment out in the field and wasn’t wearing a headcollar. After the first few moves she walked a 2 metre circle around myself and friend then came back and asked for me. I asked her why she had done this and she told me she was grounding herself. From that day on I have always had their feet on earth and left them untied for their treatments [...] One day during a Bowen treatment Kayleigh made a strong statement. She told me when vibrational medicine was done incorrectly it was like butchery! I later found out that one of the most famous homeopaths of all time had once said that he would rather be butchered by a surgeon with a knife than by a homeopath.

Do any of EoR's readers understand that? Why would a homeopath rather be treated by a surgeon than a fellow believer? Is it because he knew homeopathy is one of the best examples of delusional thinking around? Or is it because a homeopathic butcher would have to use an infinitely diluted blade?

On one treatment, Kayleigh asked me to ask the practitioner to just stand 2 metres from her right shoulder. As soon as she stood on this spot she burst into tears and Kayleigh walked off. I don’t know what was released that day but it seemed to be an emotion she had been clinging to for a very long time. On that same day, Kayleigh kept asking for her seat bone area to be treated in a certain way. But every time the practitioner tried to do it she would walk away... so instead of trying to ‘touch’ Kayleigh she decided to perform the Bowen moves on her energy field from about 5 feet away.

Bowen performs its magic by "cross fibre" manipulation of "energy" in muscles. Though this unnamed practitioner can do that special woo massage without even touching the horse. And just what was this horse thinking, telling the medium to be touched in a certain spot repeatedly, but then not allowing it? Cynical readers might think that the medium was making it all up and not really performing a miracle by talking to a horse. EoR couldn't possibly comment.

I’ve had many conversations with Kayleigh about healing. She tells me that holistic medicine, done correctly, should work on ‘levels’.

EoR also feels that the medium should be taking Kayleigh to the theatre for some intellectual stimulation. This genius of a horse shouldn't be left standing in a paddock munching grass and passing manure. Forget the theatre. She should be enrolled in a university to fulfill her "levels". Preferably a holistic one.

Talking to horses is much more powerful than anything else out there. And it's certainly out there, in the extreme:

Another horse I worked with had a severe problem with napping and spinning in circles in the road to the point he was dangerous to be ridden. He appeared genuinely afraid every time he was out. He communicated to me that he could see black holes everywhere and that when he ‘touched’ them he felt that they would spark and hurt him, as you can imagine he was very frightened. From how he explained things, I took it to mean that the black holes he was describing were in fact negative earth energies so I went in search for a solution to his problem. I asked his owner to attach a piece of rose quartz to his bridle or saddle and to make sure he was wearing it whenever he was taken from his field. From the moment he first wore it he was calm and the erratic behaviour stopped after many months of him not being ridden due to his fears.

More than that, chatting to equines and hanging crystals from them is an almost instantaneous cure for everything:

I have even come across horses who have been diagnosed with neurological problems due to certain behaviours, even ones whose owners have been advised to have destroyed as they are dangerous. Many of these horses actually had problems of an energetic nature which within a few hours were cured.

EoR certainly wouldn't be so curmudgeonly as to demand actual proof of these claims.

This site also sells Natural Horsemanship Rhythm Beads. Why hanging magical beads on your horse to do something with "chakras" and "energies" and "colour healing" has anything to do with horsemanship, natural or unnatural, escapes EoR totally. Of course, that's probably because he hasn't been listening hard enough:

Yes, that's right. The colour pattern was picked by my perfect equine partner! Here is how the colour choices were explained: "I love green, all shades of it because it reminds me of fresh pasture. I also like yellow, the colour of hay, the blue of the sky, and purple. There is a flower I am fond of that is purple."

Sadly, even though the speechifying horse knew what pasture and hay were, it couldn't name the special flower. Never mind.


  1. Liz from I Speak of Dreams.

    Stop. Stop! STOP! STOP!!

    Reading this stuff is making my head explode.

  2. Er - good hay is green. Yellow hay is straw and has lost most of its nutritional value, every sheep knows that.

    Maybe this horse isn't the brightest in the paddock or has been eating too much of the purple flowered Patterson's Curse?

  3. Yes Liz. I agree. One has to set limits on your exposure to woo. In fact even homeopathic doses of woo are sometimes way too much.


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