Thursday, December 07, 2006

Woo World Self Treater

EoR has been hard at work in the basement bolting together all the misshapen pieces of alternative woo, creating the Woo World Self Treater which brings the finest and latest alternative therapies to one location and enables you to deal with your health concerns without the oppressive Big Pharma run Western Medical Establishment trying to kill you.

Due to boring technical issues about formatting and coding, the Self Treater has been posted to its own blogger address, but you can leave any comments about it here.

Update: It has come to EoR's notice that the angels who do all the behind the scenes work for the Woo World Self Treater do not like Firefox. The magic elves who do all the technical stuff have had their auras spanked, and are working on the problem without any supper. The WWST continues to function in Opera, IE and Konquerer (and possibly other non-Mozilla browsers).

Update 2: Heads have rolled (and been treated homeopathically). The Woo World Self Treater should now function correctly (if all the astrological alignments are correct).


  1. I see. Nothing happens. :-) Clever!

    Love the angel!

  2. The angel woke up and gave me a prescription this time. I guess the previous response (ie. none) was too subtile -- but still clever! I think I'll pass on the colonic irrigation, however.

  3. Please tell me where I can get a guano
    pessary. Desperate.


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