Monday, December 11, 2006

Put On A Happy Face

Via the West Australian newspaper of Saturday December 9 2006 comes this news item:

The Australian Medical Association's leading psychiatrist has warned about the dangers of a new line of cosmetics that claim to have antidepressant properties. The Smiley range by Kit Cosmetics includes perfume, shower gel, body lotion and deodorant that claim to contain two naturally occurring chemicals, theobromine and phenylethylamine, which set off feelings of excitement and euphoria and decrease stress levels. Prices range from $39 for the deodorant to $110 for a Smiley first aid kit, which contains two "therapeutic pills", perfume and other products. [...] Despite the maker claiming Smiley "offers the world's first antidepressant perfume and grooming products", Kit Cosmetics marketing manager Sophie Hopkins said the range was not aimed at people with depression. Smiley is the perfect pick-me-up to help kick-start the day," Miss Hopkins said. "Although not a cure for depression the Smiley products are the ultimate beauty treat to help lift your spirits after the rush and adrenalin of the festive season has passed."

The Kit Cosmetics website has minimal information on the product, only describing it as "psycho-tonic perfume", whatever that might be.

EoR visited the AMA website as well, but couldn't find a press release, so it might be an unofficial statement from the psychiatrist.

So, if you want to pay a huge amount of money for an "antidepressant" product that is not meant to treat depression, feel free (as long as you keep taking the regular medication or counselling).

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