Saturday, December 30, 2006

More Evidence Of SLE

Thanks to the internet the conspiracy of Self-Levitating Equines (SLE), which has clearly been suppressed by the orthodoxy, can finally be exposed.

A brave undercover agent has obviously risked the wrath of these mysterious manipulators of the truth, and posted this proof at synapticblur:

Levitating horse

Here we can see one of the perpetrators of this hidden crime in the act as he desperately tries to hide his identity. Note also that the horse is being drawn into the air without any flexion of his legs to propel himself in this direction. It can only be some exterior force that is creating this effect. Could it be the mysterious red beam that is emanating from some device held in the perpetrator's left hand? Is this related to those magical redlight acupuncture devices that the orthodoxy also don't want us to know about? Is this suppressed Atlantean technology that the hidden rulers of the world want to keep to themselves?

This tragedy must be exposed and stoppped now.

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