Saturday, December 23, 2006

Levitating Horses - More Evidence

EoR has previously mentioned the phenomenon of spontaneously levitating equines (SLE). Further evidence has been brought to his attention.

Levitating horse

It can be seen quite clearly that this is a horse that was resting on the ground when the strange antigravity forces took control. The horse is not leaping into the air since his legs are folded under him. Note also the number of people desperately trying to hold the horse down - something that they would not do if the horse had leapt up. Clearly they are trying to save this poor equine from an uncertain fate as his earthly connections are severed.

So, EoR wonders: how often does this phenomenon occur? Why are people so unwilling to admit to it? Is it caused by UFOs? Could this be the new "cattle mutilations"? Is the Government and BigVetPharma suppressing this epidemic? Should all horses wear heavy weights, just in case? Why is nothing being done about this tragedy?


  1. Yes, EoR has encountered the long horses. Quite clearly the internet is a massive force for usurping illuminati-controlled manipulation of the corporate media. Finally, the truth about these suppressed matters can be revealed!


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