Saturday, December 09, 2006

Always Employ A Lawyer

This Australian High Court record was linked to recently in a post at Bad Science, but it really deserves much wider dissemination.

Okay, I might point out that the High Court of Australia, the legal system and I are victims of a mythological peer review organisation that does not exist and is staffed by volunteer workers of which there are none. So I am responsible for more than just proving there is another set of dividing and multiplying by zero and that it is incorrect. I have also proven in 1993 that Einstein's.....relativity is law. Now, all this data is related to, directly and indirectly related to, fusing of hydrogen which is..... I proved that the speed of light is alterable and controllable.

And that's just the beginning of this man's rant about Tesla and "superior science", fusion and the death of peer review, being warned off university grounds and proof that the universe doesn't exist, and so much more. All this by a self taught scientist who seems to embody everything altie. Quite truthfully, he can claim to be the "world authority" on his own invention of "superior science".

Strangely, this whole deranged argument is in support of an electoral petition challenging the results of an election.

It should also be noted that, regardless of this man's claims of 1200 year old conspiracies against him, he was given his right to bring a case to the High Court of Australia, make his statement of claims, and have that case dismissed (and have the record publicly available).

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