Thursday, December 21, 2006

Woo Vs Woo

Could the message be getting through to the popular media that psychics are not real? On Tuesday, the commercial current affairs show Today Tonight featured a segment on a scamming psychic. There was the usual hidden camera footage (only a fragment, so it was used over and over and there was no sound), as well as a "Dramatic Reconstruction" of this woman's alleged technique.

It is claimed this particular psychic persuades her (seemingly often elderly and wealthy) clients that their money is under a terrible curse, but she will provide some holy cleansing ritual for the filthy lucre. Of course, she needs the money in her hands to perform this miracle. After which the clients never see the money again.

EoR wonders why the program is only exposing this psychic? Why not all the others who, while perhaps not so blatant in their money-grabbing methods, take money for "entertainment" purposes only while leading their customers to believe they truly have paranormal powers?

Of course, the real sting in the tail was the "professional" used to state quite clearly that this woman was Not A Real Psychic. Today Tonight utilised the services of an astrologer to make this holier than thou pronouncement.

Suddenly Psychic Investigators almost seems sane.

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