Monday, December 04, 2006

More Middling Science

You can't make this sort of stuff up. EoR presents without comment some of the response by Dr Clare Middle BVMS CVA Dip Hom (in the December 2006 issue of Nova) in reply to a reader's query about her pet pooch having allergies in response to the reader's daughter's "genetic disease" (unspecified) and the reader's concern that "I'm wondering if Marlee [the dog] is going out in sympathy with my girl?" Dr Middle, recall, is the vet who believes humans and animals have the same illnesses.

If we suspect certain plants are causing the allergy, I get the owners to bring in any they can think of, plus cleaning agents, the pet's food, owner's cosmetics and so on and I find out which are allergens using kinesiology. If there are many allergens, it means we need to keep on with the treatment to strengthen the immune system. If there are very few, I can reduce the dog's allergic reaction using kinesiology. This is similar to a veterinary dermatologist doing allergy testing and desensitisation injections, except the kinesiology generally picks up more individual allergens in the dog's home, and can show an emotional issue that may be associated with the allergen. For example, if Marlee is worried about your daughter, she may develop allergies to the smell of your daughter's clothes or cosmetics. Then we clear both physical allergen and the associated sentence. This will then give me the emotional theme which helps to prescribe the correct homeopathic remedy for her, which is the most important part of the treatment.

Dr Middle's conclusion:

This approach can often help make a bit more sense of the situation.

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