Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Biopro Madness

And before EoR leaves off yesterday's subject altogether, here's a couple more completely magical devices from the clever guys at Biopro.

Every good quack store has to have some sort of water-improving device. When it looks just like a credit card, that just means it's modern! And when it sells for $AU101.75 that just means it's super-effective! Yes, it's the BIOPRO Smart Card.

Your Portable Beverage Booster
Powered by ERT

Coffee? ...Taste the difference!
Juice? ... Boost the flavors!
Water? ...Experience the Glaciers!
Wine? ...Delivers ultra-smooth flavor!
Gift Card? ...Give the gift of energy, taste & wellness!

"Experience the glaciers"? Why don't we stick a couple of these at the poles. They could solve global warming in an instant.

Then there's the bog standard woo EMF blocking machine. Such as the Universal Harmonisation Chips. Only $AU123.20 for two.

This revolutionary chip offers the most advanced, dual action technology to address stress where you live, work and play. Its universal application means the same chip can be applied on all your electronic tech-gadgets (wired or wireless), household appliances, etc. - all of which emit various levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

For a good laugh, consider the FAQ, or the Product Instruction Booklet.

Q. Will the BIOPRO Universal Chips interfere with the efficacy of my electronic devices?
A. No. The BIOPRO Universal Chip will NOT interfere or impede the efficacy of your devices that you place the chips on.

So, it's an EMF blocking device that doesn't block any EMF, leaving your devices functioning in exactly the same way as they would without spending $123.20? That's handy. Also, if it really did what it said on the box, sticking it on a television would mean you couldn't see any picture (nor, presumably, would the television be able to receive any signal) since outgoing and incoming EMF would be blocked. Which these doodads do not do, since they are quackery pure and simple.


  1. Why don't you do us all a favor and start wearing a bluetooth device 24/7 - you can be our guinea pig, to see if these things really are harmless. It would be getting better use out of your brain than you're apparently now getting. Me, I'm betting that the cell phone companies are liars.

  2. So, you agree with EoR that EMF blocking devices that don't block EMF are:
    a) a scam
    b) useless?

  3. You are barking up the wrong tree. BioPro propducts don't claim to BLOCK EMFs; they will tell you that you can't block EMFs without rendering the devices useless. BioPro actually uses the SAME technology that the military has been using for 15 years for this problem: noise-fields. This technology has also been proven to be effective at mitigating the effects of EMF by dozens of peer-reviewed studies listed at the following link:

    Again, I must caution you - the cell phones companies know about the dangers of cell phones and are misleading everybody.

  4. Some scientists are studying EMF and EMR? Good. Does that prove that Universal Harmonisation Chips placed anywhere on any EMF/EMR receiving/emitting device somehow alters the EMR/EMF signal? No.

    The "research" that "proves" this technology from the URI you have given:

    Energy Resonance Technology (ERT): A Targeted Intervention For Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Induced Biological Effects
    Appears to be an unpublished study. Starting from a hypothesis that an unknown, unmeasurable force (called "subtle energy" but "fairy dust" would work just as well), using a non-standard measuring instrument (based on acupuncture), looking at five studies with small sample sizes (17 to 29 subjects) a supposed effect is seen. Unfortunately, you can't prove a magic machine works by testing with a magic machine.

    Effect of a mixture of micronutrients, but not of bovine colostrum concentrate, on immune function parameters in healthy
    volunteers: a randomized placebo-controlled study

    Totally irrelevant study that has nothing at all to do with EMR, EMF, military technology or noise fields.

    In vitro test of external Qigong
    Totally irrelevant study that has nothing at all to do with EMR, EMF, military technology or noise fields. Though it does show Qigong is imaginary, since as the sample sizes increased, any perceived effect decreased.

    Protective Effects of Melatonin Against Low- and High-LET Irradiation
    "The results suggest that melatonin reduces the direct interaction of particles with cells rather than an indirect interaction. Further studies are required to disclose the underlying mechanism."
    Are you implying the Universal Harmonisation Chips contain melatonin?

    Noise Magnetic Fields Abolish the Gap Junction Intercellular Communication Suppression Induced by 50Hz Magnetic Fields
    Look! Something that might almost be relevant! At last. What do your test results show on the efficiency of Universal Harmonisation Chips to block 50Hz frequencies (if you could point EoR to the publication as well, that would be helpful). Wouldn't all mains-powered equipment stop functioning though? While this last study is full of words such as "may" and "maybe" and "possibility", EoR does note that it says "It is still unclear how cells respond to external EMF, which is 100-1000 times weaker than the random thermal noise fields generated by the thermal motion of the ions in and around the cells." Given the inverse square law, shouldn't we be more worried about the noise fields in our own cells?

    Cell phones and brain tumours

  5. @anonymous - EoR has a fairly open comment policy, but draws the line at people innocently claiming "I found this guy's web site" when they are the guy running the said multi-level marketing site.

    Go away. Earn a real living.


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