Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Living The Unnatural Life

Cheeta, the original chimpanzee in the Tarzan movies, recently turned 75.

Flying in the face of the grand tradition of altie nutritional beliefs, Cheeta celebrated with sugar-free cakes and diet soft drinks (if it wasn't for his diabetes, he probably would have gone for the full sugar options). So much for the "natural" diet. Indeed, Cheeta is reported as having a penchant to "go to the drive-through and get a hamburger".

Nonetheless, nutritionists such as Helen Frost are constantly telling us "natural" is good, processed is evil, and non-organic packaged food is the work of the devil and will send us all to an early and painful grave. Which doesn't sit well with the fact that chimpanzees in the wild rarely live past their 40s, but regularly reach their 60s in captivity.

Now, if this modern diet we have was so efficient at killing us, why doesn't it apply to chimpanzees?

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