Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get Your Entries In

Anthony Grzelka, where are you? It's time for the 4th Annual Paranormal Photo Hoax. Mr Grzelka has a whole page of fake ghost photos that would be ideal as entries. His site even satisfies the optional condition:

I also recommend including a one-paragraph phony story to go along with the photo, fabricating how you happened to capture the photo. This is not required, but adds to the fun

There's phoney stories aplenty on his website. All about magic skills and ghosts and boggarts and things that go "Wooooo!" in the night. Though looking at last year's winners, the competition seems to be pretty stiff, and Mr Grzelka's "let's run a clone brush over this one!" and "Oooh! Look at the dust on the lens!" and "Look! A reflection from a whiteboard!" efforts probably wouldn't even warrant a "Thanks for submitting" note.

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