Monday, September 11, 2006

Throwing Googlies

EoR has been playing around with Google Trends, and is reassured that the majority of people seem to have some understanding of evidence based medicine, or at least an interest in same. For example, internet searches for acupuncture, chiropracty, reiki, homeopathy, and western medicine shows that the trends for the woo alternatives have been declining for the past couple of years. "Western Medicine", as a search term, rates far below the magic options but EoR suspects that anyone seriously interested in that subject is more likely to look for information somewhere other than the internet (or, specifically, Google). The internet functions much better as a repository of delusional and unproven ideas.

google screenshot

Nonetheless, surgery is still a much more popular option to alternative therapy.

google screenshot

And, sadly, that renaissance woman, Hulda Clark, still has a long way to go before her worldsaving theories become as popular as Einstein.

google screenshot

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  1. Most people wouldn't search for 'western medicine' except if they are into the history or philosophy of it.

    If they want to learn about individual medical conditions from which they suffer, they would search using the name of that condition.

    I had the condition more commonly known as 'pseudotumour cerebri.' The hospital didn't know much about it due to it being relatively rare, but I found loads of information about it and the accompanying 'sixth nerve palsy' online.I would not have had that information at my fingertips without the net, and would have found the library and medical reference books difficult to search. A search engine finds the relevant passages for me.

    On the net people can also find support groups and forums which are a comfort to many. Many conditions wouldn't have local support groups in the flesh. Also if you're really ill you're not as able to go out to a 'real' support group.

    Lots of people use the net to search for specific conditions and medications.


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