Thursday, September 21, 2006

Letter From An American Ghoul

EoR always enjoyed listening to Alistair Cooke's longrunning radio essay Letter from America which was broadcast up until the presenter's death in 2004. Then news started coming out that Cooke's body had been involved in an illegal body parts harvesting scheme. And the saga continues, with claims of all sorts of fudging of details of his death to facilitate the scam (cause of death was wrong since the body parts of those who die from cancer - which Cooke did - are not considered suitable, age was fudged, authority was fudged). The company in the middle of this fiasco, Regeneration Technologies Inc, is denying all responsibility. True, they didn't fake the documents or steal the body parts, but it seems they certainly weren't very interested in verifying where the body parts were coming from.

Mastromarino, Aldorasi and two other BTS employees were charged in an indictment February in a Brooklyn court. All four have pleaded not guilty to charges of enterprise corruption, body stealing and opening graves, unlawful dissection, forgery and other counts.

It sounds like an awful 19th century horror story, but it isn't.

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