Friday, September 08, 2006

The Australian EoR Aspires To Be

The death of Steve Irwin is being described as "our very own Kennedy moment". Australians are being urged to wear khaki in tribute. Russell Crowe (wellknown spokesperson for the Australian nation) has been reported as saying Steve Irwin is "the Australian many of us aspire to be". Prime Minister John Howard has also lauded Steve "Renaissance Man" Irwin as "a great Australian icon" (more effusive proselytizing here).

Personally, EoR has always striven to be more like this great Australian icon.


  1. My first reaction to hearing of Steve Irwin's death was to laugh. Didn't he have it coming? He was embarrassing. The best known Australian in Japan and US was a hyperactive clown that cavorted with crocodiles. He ran a tacky zoo cashing in on shocks and thrills from dangerous wildlife. How could this be "conservation"?

    Fortunately I stalled before posting, and did a little research. Turned out the "clown" actually was active in conservation. His Australia Zoo funds a conservation organisation:

    As well as supporting local and overseas projects, it purchases land to set aside for habitat conservation. Some projects, such as its wildlife hospital, are more "feel good" than conservation, but saving habitat definitely is. At least, by providing thrills for tourists, he wasn't simply preaching to the converted. He was a real force for good, in the way he knew best.
    I'm sorry I laughed.

  2. I'd like to add that our Prime Minister could follow some of his own advice - start doing something for conservation and sign the Kyoto Protocol. As for his comment about Steve Irwin dying in a "quintessentially Australian way" - cancer and heart disease is the Australian way. All of 3 deaths by stingray have been recorded in the past two centuries.


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